What is the walking challenge?

A walking challenge is a collaborative walking goal or friendly competition that involves keeping track of steps taken per week to meet a specific challenge goal.

How do I train for a 25km walk?

Build up your stamina slowly by increasing the length of your walk a little for each session. Again, try two to three shorter sessions of around 4 km each during the week, and a longer walk on the weekend to reach the target. Target = 20-30 km of walking per week by the end of month 3.

How do you train for a 100km walk?

Your training should concentrate on building a base of walking, then increasing your mileage in a structured manner. Build some back-to-back long days to enable you to assess any problems that may occur from walking the long distances. Take regular but short breaks on these long training walks.

How do you train for a long walk?

During the week, try to alternate days of brisk walking with a more moderate pace, and try to ensure you cover around 4-5 miles (7-8km) each day. At the weekends you can have back-to-back walks that concentrate more on building stamina for longer distances, developing fatigue-resistance and improving hill strength.

How do you start a walking challenge?

This one is simple: separate your company into teams, and urge them to get moving on day one of the challenge. Throughout the two weeks, send out emails and other notifications to remind employees to get walking. Encourage them to take walking meetings or grab lunch at a spot around the corner to help get them moving.

What is a virtual walking challenge?

A virtual challenge is a fitness goal that tasks you to run, cycle, walk, swim or roll a certain distance over a specified period of time.

Is 25km a long walk?

The 25km trail is a very achievable walk for people of all levels. However, as your training progresses and your walks get longer, your confidence will grow and you will surprise yourself at just how much you can achieve! Make sure you enjoy the journey!

How do I prepare for a 30km walk?

Start your week on the day that suits you best. Just remember to taper your training a few days before the walk….20-30km Distance Program.

Day Week 1 Week 5
4 1 hour hill walk with 2kg pack 1 hour hill walk with 4kg pack
5 Rest day Rest day
6 12km walk 20km walk
7 Rest day and stretch Rest day and stretch

How long will it take to walk 5km?

Five kilometers equals 3.1 miles. At a typical walking pace, you can walk it in 45 minutes. If you are a slower walker, you might take 60 minutes or more. When choosing a 5K event, make sure it welcomes walkers and has a long enough time limit so you can comfortably finish.

How do I train for a 20 mile walk?

Continue to walk four times a week but increase to 25 minutes. Walk five times a week for 25 minutes. The training plan was really helpful in preparing us for our 20 mile walk. It’s a great way to keep track of when to gradually increase distance and the different types of exercise we can do to warm up and down.

How do I walk 10 miles a day?

To start building up to 10 miles, begin by walking a single mile. If you can comfortably walk a mile in 15–20 minutes, add another mile to that walk. Once you find a distance that’s slightly challenging but not completely overwhelming, stick with that distance for a week.

How do you host a walking challenge at work?

Try organizing three walking groups per day (in the morning before work, during lunch, and in the afternoon after work), each for 15 to 30 minutes. Employees can join in one or more sessions when it is convenient for them.