What is the syllabus of class 8th math?

Course Structure

Units Topics
1 Rational Numbers
2 Exponents and Powers
3 Squares and Squares Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots
4 Linear Equations in one variable

What is the syllabus of Class 8 CBSE 2020 21?

CBSE Class 8 Syllabus for Maths, Science, Social Science, Hindi, English 2020-21

Subjects and Classes Download Link
English (Class I – VIII) Download PDF
Mathematics (Class I – V) Download PDF
Mathematics (Class VI – VIII) Download PDF
Environmental Studies (Class III – V) Download PDF

What is the syllabus of 8th class CBSE?

CBSE Class 8th : All Subject Syllabus 2020-2021

Subject Download
CBSE Social Science Syllabus 2020-21 Click Here
CBSE English Syllabus 2020-21 Click Here
CBSE Hindi Syllabus 2020-21 Click Here
CBSE Sanskrit Syllabus 2020-21 Click Here

How many chapters are there in Class 8 maths?

16 chapters
There are 16 chapters in the NCERT Maths book of Class 8 and all the chapters are very important for the preparation of CBSE schools and Olympiad exams.

What is the syllabus of Class 8 science?

CBSE Syllabus for Class 8 Science 2021-22

Chapters Name of Chapter
Chapter 1 Crop Production and Management
Chapter 2 Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
Chapter 3 Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
Chapter 4 Materials: Metals and Non-Metals

What are rational numbers for Class 8?

Rational numbers are those numbers which you can represent in the form of a fraction or numerator(p) upon a denominator(q) where the denominator can be any value except 0 or we can say that rational numbers are those numbers which can be represented in p/q form where q ≠0 and p & q are integers.

What are the subjects of class 8?

English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi, Social Science are major subjects in class 8.

Is 8th Class difficult?

Daily Time – Table for Class 8th Students. Class 8th is said to be a difficult class to cope up with, so, it is advised to work hard and score good marks.

What are formulas in math?

The formula is a fact or a rule written with mathematical symbols. It usually connects two or more quantities with an equal to sign. When you know the value of one quantity, you can find the value of the other using the formula.

How many chapters are there in Science of class 8?

18 chapters
There are 18 chapters in NCERT Class 8 Science Book. Here we have provided some important topics of each chapter.