What is the pattern of IFS exam?

UPSC IFS Exam Pattern

Paper Subject Maximum Marks
Paper-I General English 300
Paper-II General Knowledge 300
Paper-III Any two subjects to be selected from the list of the optional subjects. Each subject will have two papers, 200 marks for each paper.

Is IFS a tough exam?

The officials of the IFS are selected by the Union Public Service Commission through a three-stage combined selection process called the Civil Services Examination, known for being extremely challenging, that recruits officers for 20 other Group A services and five Group B services.

How many attempts are there in IFS?


Indian Forest Service 2021
IFS 2021 Notification March 4, 2021
Exam mode Offline
Number of attempts 6
Number of vacancies 110 (approximately)

Which exams are clear for IFS?

To become an IFS officer, a candidate has to clear the IFS exam, which is the same as the IAS UPSC Civil Services exam. To clear the UPSC Civil Servies Exam, a candidate have to clear three stages of the exam which are: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam (MCQ test)

How can I prepare for IFS after 12th?

How to Become an IFS Officer after 12th? A Guide to Getting Your Dream Job

  1. Understand the Educational Qualification Required.
  2. Start Preparing for UPSC Exam.
  3. Enrol in a Coaching Centre.
  4. Update Yourself with Current Affairs.
  5. Know the Age Limit.
  6. Develop Communication and People Managing Skills.
  7. Learn from Successful Candidates.

Is IFS and IAS exam different?

The IAS and IFS exams are different from each other. The preliminary test is the same for both of the examinations but the mains test has a different syllabus and pattern for both.

Who is IFS officer of India?

The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is the diplomatic corps of the Government of India under Group A and Group B of the Central Civil Services….Indian Foreign Service.

Service Chief
Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, IFS
Minister of the Service
Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, MP

How can I join IFS after 12th?

Which subject is best for IFS?

IFS Main Exam:

S.No. Optional Subject (Top 10 Popular Subject)
1 Chemistry
2 Electrical Engineering
3 Physics
4 Agriculture

When UPSC IFS exam pattern 2020-21 will be conducted?

UPSC IFS Exam Pattern 2020-21: The Union Public Service Commission is conducting Indian Forest Service Examination 2020 for the candidates aspiring to mark their career in government sector. According to the UPSC Calendar, UPSC IFS Mains exam is scheduled to be held from February 28, 2021 -to March 7, 2021.

What is the IFOs/IFS exam pattern for mains stage?

Here’s a table to understand the IFoS/IFS exam pattern for the mains stage: General Knowledge and General English papers are common for all candidates. However, for the latter part students are offered with an option to pick 2 subjects of their choice.

When will the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) mains 2020 exam be held?

The IFS Mains 2020 exam will be held on January 8, 9, 10, 16 and 17, 2021. The Mains exam result will be declared in March 2021. The UPSC has released the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) marksheet for the Civil Services 2019 examination.

What is the procedure to join Indian Forest Services (IFS)?

UPSC conducts annual examination for recruitment of candidates to the Indian Forest Services (IFS). The IFoS/IFS exam is a civil service examination conducted for the recruitment of officers at the all India level by the Government of India.