What is the meaning of the song with a smile by Eraserheads?

Meaning. The song is about a sad and troubled girl being comforted by a man. It shows that the girl probably found peace after the man helped her, with the lines “Now it’s time to kiss away those tears goodbye”. It’s also supposedly for children who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

Who sang Alapaap?


What is Alapaap?

“Alapaap” (English: Skies) is a song by the Eraserheads from the album Circus. The song was the band’s ninth hit single and the fourth hit single from the album. The song has been covered by 6cyclemind twice (in 2005 with Ney Dimaculangan and 2012 with Tutti Caringal).

Who composed Eraserheads songs?

Buendia continued to write songs for the band, many of which became hit singles and band classics. Eraserheads lasted for ten years before finally breaking up with Buendia and Adoro’s departure. During its 10-year stint, the band produced eight studio albums along with other EPs and singles.

What is the message of the song title with a smile?

“With A Smile” Song Meaning “With A Smile” is a song of sincere love and encouragement. This song is from a boy’s perspective who tries to comfort a miserable and troubled girl. The last part of the classic song reveals that the girl presumably found love and genuine happiness after the boy helped her.

Who wrote the song with a smile?

Ely Buendia
With A Smile/Composers

Who wrote Alapaap?


What is the meaning of Spolarium?

Twenty-four years and a long-running conspiracy theory later, former Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia revealed what their fan favorite song Spoliarium means. It’s really just about “getting pissed drunk”.

What is the English of ulap?

dewworm. dewworm. Tuhinga. ke kūlan… dewworm.

Are Eraserheads still friends?

The Filipino musician then went on to say that though Eraserheads had “a very, very good working relationship” and their run “was good while it lasted”, the band – comprising Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raymund Marasigan – were never close friends.