What is the meaning of the Seven of Swords reversed?

​ In a general context, the Seven of Swords reversed signifies coming clean and one’s conscience kicking in so if you have done something you are not proud of you may find yourself confessing and turning over a new leaf. It can represent careers in the military or security.

What does the 7 of Wands in reverse mean?

Reversed Seven of Wands Meaning. The Seven of Wands reversal meaning is that you could be feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and challenges that you are facing. You can also feel that you have to compete and compare yourself to other people, which leaves you feeling vulnerable and inadequate.

What does the Seven of Swords reversed mean in a love reading?

An end to lies and deception may be suggested by the reversed 7 of Swords tarot love meaning. Those looking for love can be more willing to drop any pretensions or stop playing games. In the long run, this can bring you more fulfillment than having to consistently change yourself for love.

What does seven mean in tarot?

The fives were about instability and loss, losing momentum, losing love, losing an argument, and losing money. The Sixes restored harmony with their give and take. Now comes the Sevens. Seven is a magic number, a number of creativity and individuality.

What does the magician reversed mean?

While the upright Magician represents potential and tapping into one’s talents, the reversed Magician’s potential and talents are unfocused and unmanifested. The reversed Magician can also be interpreted as related to black magick and to madness or mental distress.

Is 7 of Wands reversed yes or no?

The answer of the Seven of Wands in a yes or no reading is yes, as long as you are willing to stand firm. This might mean that you have to endure pain, resistance, and judgment from others in the meantime. However, these short-term inconveniences will seem like nothing when the end is a long-term success.

What does it mean for a tarot card to be reversed?

Opposite meaning of the upright Tarot card Many Tarot readers who use reversals simply believe the reversed Tarot card delivers the exact opposite message of the upright card. For example, if The Devil card shows up in a reading it can indicate being trapped, whereas the reversed Devil card can indicate being set free.

Is a reversed tarot card upside down?

Because the cards are upside down, you’ve got to interpret their intended meanings in an upside down manner too. Getting a reversed card means you get a tarot card definition and have it flipped 180-degrees over.

What is the reversed 7 of Swords Tarot love meaning?

An end to lies and deception may be suggested by the reversed 7 of Swords tarot love meaning. Dishonesty always eventually comes to light, and this card signals that the truth is coming to surface now. If you’re the deceiver, it is in the long run more important to confess and admit to any wrongdoing.

What is the meaning of the seven of Spades in tarot?

Seven of spades meaning in cartomancy – Latin.cards. The seven of spades indicates a lack of opportunism and announces the dangers linked to immobility, and relates to the short-term sorrows that put the consultant in an unstable situation.

Is the seven of Spades a good or bad card?

The Seven of Spades, considered by inexperienced fortune tellers to be a bad card, is far from having unfavourable predictions. According to its entourage, it announces some inconveniences of no importance. Its real meaning is: certainty.

What does 2 of diamonds and 7 of Spades mean?

If the 2 of Diamonds is nearby, it would indicate that they work in a restaurant where liquor is also served. The 7 of Spades is also the Card of addiction. Alcoholism or drug addiction is commonly represented by the combination 7 of Spades and 9 of Spades.