What is the maximum balance in HDFC bank account?

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Benefits/ Product Savings MAX Account (Our Premium Product)
Accounts and Services
ATM transactions Unlimited free transactions
Average Monthly Balance (AMB) AMB of Rs.25,000 OR FD Cushion of Rs 1.5 Lakh in Metro/ Urban Locations Rs 1 Lakh in SURU Locations

What is a Max account?

MAX provides personal money management and personal financial services, including checking and savings accounts, auto loans, mortgages, insurance services, and more. We’ve got great account options for every lifestyle. Become a MAX customer and we’ll show you how to manage money the smart way.

What is HDFC Max Advantage?

Features of Max Advantage Current Account. Dynamic Pricing ensures cost-efficiency at all times with increase in value. Deposit and withdraw cash upto 12 times current month AMB at any HDFC Bank branches. Unlimited Free NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

Which is the best HDFC account?

Benefits / Product SavingsMax Account (Our Premium Product) Women’s Savings Account
Payable-at-par Chequebook Yes Yes
Average Monthly Balance (AMB) Rs 25,000 Rs 10,000 ( Urban/Metro) Rs 5,000 ( Semi-urban/Rural branches)
Non-maintenance charges Click here to know more Click here to know more

What is Max saving account?

HDFC Bank SavingsMax account helps you save big up to Rs. Under this HDFC savings bank (SB) account, you can avail of Demand Draft, cheque book, personal accident, and death insurance cover, sweep-in and sweep-out, fixed deposit, passbook, bill payment, internet, and phone banking, and several other benefits.

Is there zero balance account in HDFC?

HDFC Bank zero balance savings account can be opened by any resident individual who is not having an existing relationship with the bank and do not have complete KYC. HDFC Bank zero balance savings bank account holder is entitled to receive a free passbook, free cash and cheque deposits at all branches and ATMs.

Is Max a good bank?

The MAX Checking Account is a good product overall. You can use any ATM in the world for free, and it pays 0.20% APY on your balance. It also doesn’t charge any wire transfer fees. Normally, MAX charges 0.02% of your savings per quarter to use its interest optimization tool.

How do I find my max account number?

Your checking account number is located at the bottom of your checks, after MAX’s routing number, 262275958.

How many Cheque leaves are free in Max Advantage current account in HDFC?

100 cheque leaves
DD/ PO (Bank Location) – Unlimited Free. DD/ PO (Corr. Bank Location) – Free upto ₹ 30 lakhs per month. Cheque Leaves – Free 100 cheque leaves for every slab of ₹ 1 lakh of current month AMB balance maintained (Upper Cap of 2000 cheque leaves per month)

What is savings Max account?

HDFC Bank SavingsMax account helps you save big up to Rs. 12,500 every year. If you are a savings account holder, you can receive a total insurance cover of up to Rs. 1.29 crores. You will also get a free Platinum Debit Card that can earn you a cashback of up to 1% on purchases.

What is average monthly balance in HDFC Bank?

₹ 10,000
HDFC Bank has set an average monthly balance of ₹ 10,000 for the regular savings accounts in its metro and urban branches.