What is the major cause of low standard of education?

Beginning with the most obvious cause of poor education, which is the lack of money the governments put into schools: Some countries’ governments also spend a lower share of their gross domestic product (GDP) on education, which makes public education less available (particularly to the poor) and of lower quality.

What causes the lack of education in the Philippines?

Even before COVID-19 struck and caused problems for millions of families, the country’s financial status is one of the top factors that add to the growing education issues in the Philippines. Furthermore, more children, youth, and adults can’t get a leg up and are thus left behind due to unfair access to learning.

What are the effects of low education?

The Importance of (Early) Education Conversely, lower educational attainment is associated not only with lower earnings, but also with higher crime rates, worse health, higher mortality rates, and lower participation in political and social institutions.

Who is to be blamed for the falling standard of education in Nigeria?

The Headmistress of Petros Halls School, Egbeda Idimu, Lagos, Mrs. Adefunke Irabor, has blamed government and students for the falling standard of education in the country, with distraction noted as the major cause on the part of students.

Who is responsible for the down fall of education in Nigeria?

Students and their parents, not teachers are responsible for the falling standard of education in Nigeria. The acquisition of educational degrees and certificates used to be the aim of every student and this usually was backed up with the support of parents.

Why lack of education is one of the causes of poverty?

Children have to quit school in order to earn money where “welfare” would depend on the family. Moreover, dropout because of poverty leads to the perpetuation of child poverty and the potential to achieve incomes decreases. In conclusion, lack of education perpetuates poverty and poverty limited access to education.

What is the cause and effect of lack of education?

People who lack education have trouble getting ahead in life, have worse health and are poorer than the well-educated. Major effects of lack of education include: poor health, lack of a voice, shorter lifespan, unemployment, exploitation and gender inequality.

How does poor education lead to poverty?

But most of those living in extreme poverty do lack a basic education. Those living below the poverty line will also be more likely to keep their children out of school, which means that their children will also have a greater chance of living in poverty.

How can we improve the standard of education in Nigeria?

15 Ways to Improve Education in Nigeria

  1. Increase funding to education sector.
  2. Examination malpractice has to finally end ‘kpata kpata.
  3. Establishment of more vocational and technical centers.
  4. Need for independent inspectorate committees.
  5. Free Education.
  6. Quality and affordable education should be made available.