What is the difference between HX35 and HX40?

The HX35 and HX40 share a few of the same parts but differ in the size and weight of the turbine and compressor wheels, which is why there’s a lag issue with the HX40 if there’s not quite a bit of extra fuel added. There’s been shaft breakage reported but some folks spin’em up good with no damage.

What size Turbo is an HX40?

All HX40’s have a 65mm turbine wheel.

How many MM is a Holset HX40?

Holset HX40 Turbochargers

Holset HX40 Turbocharger Specs
For Engine Capacity (liters) Up to 12
Length (mm) 231
Width (mm) 250
Height (mm) 169

How much boost will a HX40 make?

40 PSI is the rating for a HX40.

How much HP can a HX35 support?

HX35 is good to around 300-400 hp, i turned mine in to a hybrid and it still is not enough.

What is HX40?

Description. The PDR HX40 turbo is designed for increased reliability and faster spool up, over a stock HX40 turbo. The PDR HX40 turbo is recommended for trucks that are running between 350hp and 425hp. The PDR HX40 comes with a 16cm exhaust housing. Our exhaust housing is specially modified for faster turbo spool up.

How big is a Holset HX40?

62mm X 86mm
Turbo Lab America Holset 62mm HX40 62mm X 86mm T3 .

How big is an HX40?

HX40 V-band Clamp fits HX40 flange Fits 4″ tube diameter.. S400 Compressor Outlet O-ring Flange w/ O-ring included Mild steel flange For use with 4″ & 3.5″ pipe Also fits GT42 V-band outlet cover..

What size is a HX40?

An HX40 will be a 60/65/16 with a t-3 flange.

How much boost does a hx35 make?

“The HX-35 and HY-35 turbochargers are rated for a maximum boost of 44 PSI. To safely reach 44 PSI, the turbine housing MUST be sized to keep the choke point above 40 PSI.

How much boost can you get out of an HX35?

What are the specs of a Holset hx40 Super 40 Turbo?

Holset HX40 Super 40 Turbo Specs: 1 60mm x 86mm Billet Compressor Wheel 2 64mm x 76mm 10 Blade Turbine Wheel ( 10 Blade Unique to HX40 Super) ( Direct Drop in an HX40 with 12 Blade Turbine) More

What is the wheel size of a hx40?

HX40 Super Has Billet Wheel (60mm x 86mm) HX40 7 blade has Cast Wheel, (Same Measurements and Profile) (60mm x 86mm) HX40 Super Has 10 Blade 64mm x 76mm Turbine HX40 7 blade Regular Has 12 Blade HX40 64mm x 76mm Turbine

What is the Dodge hx40 Super?

The HX40 Super is a Very Popular Upgrade for The Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel. We do offer This Service, You can Contact us Here. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.