What is the backstory of Dinosaur Train?

Created by Craig Bartlett, Dinosaur Train follows the adventures of a young Tyrannosaurus rex and his adoptive family of Pteranodons. In the show’s main title song, we learn that Buddy was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon and brought to their nest to hatch at the same time as his siblings Tiny, Shiny, and Don.

What animal is the conductor in Dinosaur Train?

Mr. Conductor (voiced by Ian James Corlett) — A male Troodon who operates the Dinosaur Train.

When was Dinosaur Train made?

May 1, 2008
Dinosaur Train/First episode date

How did Dinosaur Train end?

Annie dies from her injuries. Buddy manages to save one egg from their nest. He rushes to the Dinosaur Train and leaves just in time through the time tunnel before the train is destroyed. Buddy’s wound is fatal, so he knows he won’t be able to care for the child.

What does Dinosaur Train teach kids?

Dinosaur Train sparks children’s interest in life science and natural history. As they explore a variety of animals, children develop the inquiry skills and knowledge needed to help them think, talk and act like paleontologists. 2) Develop children’s inquiry skills to help children think like scientists. …

Is Don on Dinosaur Train autistic?

He knows a lot more about dinosaurs than Buddy, but he has more trouble making friends. He also has several autistic traits like his obsession with dinosaur facts, repeating “Buddy and Dennis are friends” to himself, or talking in a monotone voice.

Who is Crystal on Dinosaur Train?

Crystal is a female Cryolophosaurus. She appeared in King Meets Crystal. Crystal is a singer like King, she lives in the Cretaceous period instead of the Jurassic period. She has feelings for King.

How many episodes are there in Dinosaur Train?

Dinosaur Train/Number of episodes
PBS Kids renewed Dinosaur Train to the year 2017 (the time when dinosaur train stopped making episodes). It totally has around 10 episodes, which brings the episode count to 89.

How many seasons does Dinosaur Train have?

Dinosaur Train/Number of seasons

Who is Buddy real parents?

Buddy Valastro
Television Cake Boss
Spouse(s) Lisa Valastro ​ ( m. 2001)​
Children 4
Parent(s) Bartolo Valastro Sr. Mary Valastro

How old is shiny from Dinosaur Train?

Shiny is the second oldest and the aqua colored sister of Buddy, Don, and Tiny and her mom and day’s daughter. She appears throughout the TV series Dinosaur Train. Shiny is a preschool age, roughly 4 or 5 she like alot of shiny shells and crystal….Shiny Pteranodon.

Name Shiny
Age 4-5
Gender Female
Best Friends Buddy, Tiny, Don

What kind of dinosaur is Buddy?

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Young viewers can join Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and his adoptive Pteranodon family on a whimsical voyage through prehistoric jungles, swamps, volcanoes and oceans, as they unearth basic concepts in life science, natural history and paleontology. Dinosaur Train begins when Buddy is adopted by Mr. and Mrs.

What is Iguanodon’s name on Dinosaur Train?

Iggy Iguanodon is a funny and charming Iguanodon. His first apperance was in “Pteranodon World Tour”, a Dinosaur Train special. He made his second appearance in the Dinosaur Train four-part episode “Dinosaur A-Z”, representing the letter “I”. He is shown with another dinosaur named Jaxleyn, a Jaxartosaurus, who represents the letter “J”.

Where did Iguanodon live?

Iguanodon was the second dinosaur ever discovered and it was one of the first dinosaurs to be named, preceded only by Megalosaurus. Iguanodon’s name means “iguana tooth” due to its iguana-like teeth. It was the largest of its kind. It lived in Europe, mainly in England in the UK and Belgium.

Is Iguanodon a dinosaur in Ark?

Iguanodon is a tamable dinosaur in 2015’s ARK: Survival Evolved. Iguanodon appears in Jurassic World: Alive. Iguanodon is an unlockable dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution, added in the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack DLC released on December 13, 2018.

How does Buddy learn that he is a Tyrannosaurus?

By traveling in the Dinosaur Train around the Mesozoic, assisted with all dinosaur facts by the train’s Troodon Conductor, Buddy quickly learns that he is a Tyrannosaurus.