What is the Australian Standard for balustrade?

The balustrade or barrier must be a minimum of 865mm in height above the floor level of stairways, ramps and short transitional landings (500mm or less). These minimum balustrade height requirements clearly reflect the need to reduce the risk of falling over the top of a barrier.

What is minimum height for balustrade?

The minimum height for a balustrade is (1 meter). It can be higher if you like. Balustrade must be constructed so that a sphere of . 125mm diameter cannot be passed through any holes or gaps in the structure.

How high should a balcony balustrade be?

Where a deck or balcony is one metre or higher above the ground, balustrades need to be at least one metre high. For decks more than one metre above the ground, openings in balustrades, including decorative balustrades, cannot be greater than 125 millimetres.

What is a balustrade on stairs?

The balustrade is the railing and baluster that prevents you from falling over the edge. It’s also the collective name for the complete assembly of handrails, including spindles and newel posts. Handrail: This is the part of the staircase we use for support when going up and down the stairway.

Do you need a handrail on a glass balustrade?

You only need to use a handrail if your glass has not been laminated and toughened during glass production, which is a standard procedure to ensure that no panel fails. If you are sure with your glass panel set’s durability, however, a handrail is not necessary.

Do I need a balustrade on my deck?

For safety purposes regulations state that anything built over 600 mm will require a handrail with a height of at least 110 mm above the decking board. The height of Handrails is the most common fault found upon decking inspections.

Can I use pool fencing as balustrade?

Normal tubular pool fencing is NOT classed as structural balustrade.

Does a glass balustrade need a handrail?

Glass that is relied upon to provide a structural component to a balustrade generally requires a handrail. There are three handrail types mentioned in AS1288: If one of the panels fails, then the remaining two panels and the handrail must be capable of resisting the load.

How much weight can a balcony hold in Australia?

If designed properly, your balcony can hold at least 50 lbs. (22 kg) per square foot. However, a balcony is built to safely maintain different weights, depending on the design, materials, and time of construction.

Are balustrades common property?

The balustrade or exterior boundary of the building is usually common property with the main exception being balconies that face exclusive areas that belong to the owner.

Is a balustrade the same as a handrail?

What is a balustrade? Put simply, this is the bit below the handrail. A balustrade is made up of vertical posts – or a solid section – which sits on the side of the stairs and follows their path upward.

What is the difference between handrail and balustrade?

A balustrade is a railing (handrail) and the row of balusters (posts) that support it. And yes, it is spelt “balustrade”, although it is commonly misspelt as ballustrad, ballustrade or balluster. A balustrade can also be known as railing, rail, banister, handrail and parapet.

What types of balustrades are available?

Balustrades are available in a variety of materials, including glass balustrades, wrought iron balustrades, timber balustrades and stainless steel balustrades.

Are wrought iron balustrades the new trend for Melbourne stairs?

While glass and steel balustrades are a popular choice for staircases in modern or contemporary homes in Melbourne, the Melbourne stairs market has seen a recent resurgence in the popularity of timber and wrought iron balusters, thanks to the increasing trend towards American, specifically Hamptons-inspired, home design.

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