What is Surlyn made of?

Surlyn is the brand name of an ionomer resin created by DuPont, a copolymer of ethylene and methacrylic acid used as a coating and packaging material.

What is Surlyn used for?

Surlyn film is used primarily in skin packaging applications, which means the film forms around the product and onto a carded substrate such as cardboard or paperboard during the packaging process. It is also used in shrink applications that don’t require a backing board.

Is Surlyn a plastic?

For Orthotics– Surlyn® can be used for spinal upper limb orthoses, burn masks and helmets….Soft, clear polymer is tough and durable with excellent thermoforming and impact characteristics.

SHEET Dimensions: 12 in x 12 in – 48 in x 96 in
Thickness: 0.125 in – 0.500 in

What is ionomer resin used for?

Ionomers are frequently used as tie-layer or adhesive resins which provide excellent adhesion to aluminum and other polar substrates. Other important applications include coatings, inks, surface films for golf balls, food packaging, sports equipment, skin and stretch films, and overmolded (cosmetic) bottles.

What is the difference between Surlyn and urethane?

Urethane is softer than Surlyn and delivers higher spin rates on iron and wedge shots. Skilled golfers prefer this control and, because they generate high clubhead speeds, lose little if any distance compared to Surlyn balls. The other major factor that affects performance is a golf ball’s core composition.

Which golf balls have Surlyn covers?

Many Top Flite and Pinnacle balls are Surlyn. These include Tour Soft, Tru Feel, and Velocity. Urethane balls are softer and deliver more spin especially for wedges and irons.

Is Surlyn a polyethylene?

Surlyn’s properties derive from what is called an ionomer bond. An ionomer of sodium or zinc in limbo share with the orbit of polyethylene molecules. This delivers unsurpassed tack and toughness and strength. Surlyn seals through contaminants better than any other resin.

What is the difference between polyethylene and Surlyn?

Films made of Surlyn provide superior hot tack, seal strength, and puncture resistance when compared to unmodified polyethylene films. They also have excellent tear propagation properties for directional tear and can be solvent “welded” using acetone.

How long does glass ionomer take to set?

2–3 min
Glass-ionomers set within 2–3 min from mixing by an acid-base reaction. The first step is a reaction with hydrated protons from the polyacid at basic sites on the surface of the glass particles.

What is ionomer foam?

Ultra-Tough Super-Cushioning Ionomer Foam Sheets They stand up to wear caused by rubbing and scraping and are often used as bumpers and buoys. This foam has closed-cell construction, which restricts water, air, and gases from being absorbed.

Are Surlyn golf balls good?

It’s been the material of choice for the covers of so-called “distance balls” – like Top-Flite and Pinnacle products – for decades. Surlyn is extremely durable and will not cut or scuff through normal use (although mower blades and cart paths can damage it), making it the preferred cover for most amateur golfers.

Is Surlyn the same as ionomer?

Surlyn is a certain type of ionomer created by DuPont. Not all ionomer balls are made with surlyn though. Some ionomer covers will be slightly softer to provide more greenside control and a urethane type feel. Most surlyn golf balls are two-piece balls but there are some 3-piece surlyn golf balls on the market.