What is slickline operations?

Slickline refers to a single strand wire which is used to run a variety of tools down into the wellbore for several purposes. It is used during well drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. Slickline is used to lower downhole tools into an oil or gas well to perform a specified maintenance job downhole.

What is slickline operation in oil and gas?

A single-strand wireline used to run and retrieve tools and flow-control equipment in oil and gas wells. The single round strand of wire passes through a stuffing box and pressure-control equipment mounted on the wellhead to enable slickline operations to be conducted safely on live wellbores.

What is the difference between slickline and wireline?

While a slickline is a thin cable introduced into a well to deliver and retrieve tools downhole, a wireline is an electrical cable used to lower tools into and transmit data about the conditions of the wellbore. Usually consisting of braided cables, wirelines are used to perform wireline logging, as well.

What is the role of gauge cutters equipment in slickline operations?

Hunting Tubing Gauge Cutters are designed to gauge and scrape clean paraffin, wax and other debris from the inside wall of the completion tubing string. By running a gauge cutter prior to running or pulling any sub-surface control, the operator can be assured that the tubing is clear of any impeding matter.

What does a slickline helper do?

Assists in making lubricators together to proper length to run service tools. Assists the Operator with the installing of the wireline valve. Maintains, services, and cleans tools and equipment. Assists the Mechanic when on worksite.

How do you become a slickline operator?


  1. High School diploma or equivalent preferred.
  2. Level Iā€“ Minimum of two to five years Slickline experience preferred and completed T-2 Training.
  3. Level II- Minimum of five to eight years Slickline experience preferred.
  4. Senior Level- Minimum of eight to ten years Slickline experience preferred.

What is snubbing unit?

Snubbing units use hydraulic pressure and rams to introduce small, coupled tubing into the well, if necessary, against pressures above 5000 psi.

What is a slickline helper?

The Slickline Assistant is responsible for assisting the Slickline Supervisor through all phases of slickline services, on location or in the shop, including pre- and post-job maintenance and preparation of the Slickline equipment and tools.

What are laterals in oil and gas?

Laterals ā€“ the horizontal portion of a well, ā€“ have become longer and longer in the last 15 years. Drilling out 15,000 feet, or nearly three miles horizontally reduces the number of wells companies need to drill to achieve their production goals, and does it at increasingly lower costs.

What tools do cutters use?

Types of Cutting Tools and Their Various Uses Around the House

  • Fabric scissors, kitchen shears, spring loaded scissors, pruning shears, paper trimmer, craft knives, thread clipper, rotary cutter and more.
  • Kitchen shears and pruning shears.
  • Thread clippers and rotary cutter.
  • Fabric shears and spring-loaded scissors.

What are cutting gauges used for?

The style of gauge which uses a knife instead of a pin is often described as a cutting gauge. This tool is sometimes used to slightly “mark” the wood before a cut to prevent tearout later when doing the main cut with for example a circular saw.

How much do helpers get paid?

How Much Do Domestic Helper Jobs Pay per Month?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $46,500 $22
75th Percentile $31,500 $15
Average $33,203 $16
25th Percentile $24,500 $12