What is Reporter report Event in UFT?

Reporter. ReportEvent Statement is used to send desired events (like Pass, Fail, etc) and custom messages in the run results of UFT. For example, you have written the code for doing log-in to an application. After submitting the page with valid credentials, you might check whether the next page is displaying or not.

What can be performed using reporter object in UFT?

Reporter Object is used for sending information to the test results. With the help of this object you can: Report the status of test results (like pass, fail, warning) Enable/Disable reporting of step(s) following the statement.

What are the types of reports available in UFT?

Reporting Modes in UFT

  • or rfEnableErrorsAndWarnings. Only events with a warning or fail status are displayed in the Run Results.
  • or rfEnableErrorsOnly. Only events with a fail status are displayed in the Run Results.
  • or rfDisableAll.

How do you parameterize data in UFT?

Click the Parametrization Icon. Currently, the value is set to a Constant. Click on Parameter Radio Button. QTP assigns a default name to this parameter. You can give a name of your choice and then click “OK.”

What are checkpoints in UFT?

What is Checkpoint in QTP? A checkpoint is a verification point that compares the current value with the expected value for specified properties of an Object. If the current and expected value match it generates a PASS status otherwise FAIL status.

What is HP ALM QTP?

ALM allows integration with other HP products such as HP UFT and Hp Load Runner. HP UFT is a functional automation tool that supports automation of both windows based and web based application. It also supports multiple technologies such as . In this section we will understand how to drive UFT scripts from ALM.

What is test fusion report in UFT?

– Test Fusion Report is a compilation of the entire testing process. It includes an overview of where the failure occurred, the test data that was used in testing, Screen shots to support inconsistencies, detailed view of checkpoints.

What is Standard checkpoint in QTP?

Standard checkpoints: It compares the expected values of object properties captured during recording to the object’s current values during a run session. Page Checkpoint: A Standard Checkpoint created for a web page can be called a Page Checkpoint. It is used to check a total number of links & images on a web page.

What is an object in UFT?

In UFT, All the GUI elements are considered as objects, like Buttons, Edit boxes, links, image, List box etc. The properties related to these objects are Text, Size, Height, width, Id and so on. Then comes the methods ‘Click’ on button, ‘set’ data in edit box etc.

What are actions in QTP?

There are 3 types of QTP Actions:

  • Reusable – Only these can be called multiple times within the same or different tests.
  • Non-Reusable – These cannot be called by any other actions.
  • External Actions – A reusable action when called from another action becomes an external action in the called action.