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How many languages did thirukkural translated?

Tirukkural, also known as the Kural, is considered one of the most widely translated non-religious works in the world. As of 2020, the work has been translated into about 41 world languages. As of 2014, English language alone had about 57 versions available, which is estimated to have crossed 100 by 2020.

Who coined the term translation studies?

James S. Holmes
A new discipline named “Translation Studies” appeared in the second half of the 20th century. The term “Translation Studies” was coined by James S. Holmes, an American-Dutch poet and translator of poetry, in his seminal paper “The Name and Nature of Translation Studies” (1972).

Who is the first English translation of Thirukkural?

G.U. Pope (1820-1908) spent 40 years in Tamil Nadu and in 1858 translated Thirukkural and Thiruvasagam into English. He lived in Udhagamandalam for some years.

In which language Thirukkural was translated first?

Written more than 2,000 years ago, Thirukkural is still relevant in this era of globalisation. The text is ancient but content is contemporary. The first translation of Thirukkural was in Latin.

Who translated thirukkural into English language?

G.U. Pope
George Uglow Pope (24 April 1820-11 February 1908) or G.U. Pope was an Anglican Christian missionary and Tamil scholar who spent 40 years in Tamil Nadu and translated many Tamil texts into English. His popular translations included those of the Tirukkural and Tiruvachagam.

What are the three kinds of translation?

Jakobson’s On Linguistic Aspects of Translation (1959, 2000) describes three kinds of translation: intralingual (within one language, i.e. rewording or paraphrase), interlingual (between two languages), and intersemiotic (between sign systems).

Who translated the Bible into Latin?

St. Jerome
Vulgate, (from the Latin editio vulgata, “common version”), Latin Bible used by the Roman Catholic Church, primarily translated by St. Jerome.