What is ds3000 brakes?

DS3000 is the FERODO RACING compound that has set the braking standard from race one back in the 1998 season. DS3000 has contributed to countless wins and podium positions in many Touring car and GT championships around the world.

Why choose a Ferodo brake?

Superior braking power is, without doubt, the key to high speed driving and winning performance. Purpose designed for race and rally applications, Ferodo presents an all new brake friction formulation which provides predictable braking and maintains a high and stable friction level, even in the most extreme conditions.

Why choose Ferodo DS performance pads?

Ferodo DS Performance Pads are supplied to you “Ready to Perform” which means that they reach maximum efficiency after only one or two brake applications. As braking temperatures rise, DS Performance continues to deliver consistent and reliable braking.

What is dsds3000 plus 03?

DS3000 Plus 03 was developed by FERODO for severe braking conditions, where high friction is required at extreme temperatures. The material has an exceptionally high coefficient of friction (0.72) is whilst maintaining the same gently rising toque profile as DS3000 and great initial bite.