What is cutting tolerance?

Cutting tolerance is the slight variation that occurs when online printing projects are cut down to size.

What is tolerance in printing?

Setting a tolerance means choosing the limit for how much difference is acceptable between a target color and its production values. Sometimes a customer’s print specs stipulate the acceptable difference in a color’s lightness, and limit the difference from red to green and yellow to blue.

What is cut tolerance on plexiglass?

Standard Cut-to-Size length and width tolerances are +/-1/8” but are typically more accurate. Please contact us if you need greater precision. Acrylic sheet thickness tolerances are +/- 10% and can vary throughout the sheet, but variations are typically less than 5%.

What is laser cutting tolerance?

UV laser machines work cleanly to achieve precise cuts. In the laser precision cutting world, tight tolerance is defined as the acceptable amount of variation when a part is being processed. Designs that call for precise dimensions require a machining process that can rise to the demands.

What are print standards?

Printing standards and their associated specifications bring an independent, authoritative, and concrete basis for file preparation, proofing, presswork, and output evaluation. They reduce proofing cycles and enable faster approval processes.

How accurate are laser cutters?

Laser cutters are highly accurate cutting machines that seamlessly vaporize, burn, melt or blow through the material for a precise, smooth and clean cut each time.

What is ISO ppm in Printer?

ISO standards are set by the International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO. This organization has created over 17,500 ISO standards for the printing industry, with their latest development concerning print speed, or ISO PPM (pages per minute).

What does ISO stand for in printers?

International Organization for Standardization
In 2009, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) published the International Standard for determining the ink cartridge yield for colour inkjet printers and multifunctional devices.

What are the different die cutting tolerances?

Die cutting tolerances also vary by part size. As a rule, die cutting tolerance increases as part size increases. Die cutting tolerances can also vary with part features such as punched holes, or with the position or radius of the hole. Different types of die cut parts can also have different part tolerances.

Why do the cut-out labels shrink during die-cutting?

Since die-cutting is usually performed on a web under tension, the cut-out label will shrink slightly in length and grow in width when the material is in a relaxed state again. By how much depends on the elasticity of the material being converted and the tension of the material during the die-cutting process.

What is slitting and tolerances?

Slitting and Tolerances The process of slitting can be used in preparing materials for die-cutting or as a standalone process. Slitting is often done for films, foams, tapes, textiles, and other thin materials. As with die cutting, there are multiple methods of slitting.