What is conserved in weak interaction?

Strangeness is conserved in all but the weak interaction (this is because the weak interaction involves one type of quark changing into another as we have seen).

In which interaction is strangeness conserved?

Strangeness conservation requires the total strangeness of a reaction or decay (summing the strangeness of all the particles) is the same before and after the interaction. Strangeness conservation is not absolute: It is conserved in strong interactions and electromagnetic interactions but not in weak interactions.

Is Weak Hypercharge conserved?

Since weak hypercharge is always conserved this implies that baryon number minus lepton number is also always conserved, within the Standard Model and most extensions.

Is isospin conserved in strong interactions?

Isospin is associated with a conservation law that requires strong interaction decays to conserve isospin. For weak interactions, neither T3 nor T need to be conserved.

Which particles are affected by the weak interaction?

The weak interaction acts upon left-handed fermions—i.e., elementary particles with half-integer values of intrinsic angular momentum, or spin—and right-handed antifermions. Particles interact through the weak interaction by exchanging force-carrier particles known as the W and Z particles.

Do pions decay via weak interaction?

Charged pions decay via the weak interaction. Neutral pions decay electromagnetically. The charged pions decay through the semi-leptonic charged currents of the weak interactions: the charged pions go initially mostly to muon and neutrino.

Is lepton number conserved in strong interactions?

It is built into the Standard Model in terms of the allowed interactions (i.e.. allowed vertices) , but it is not a prediction of the theory in the same way that conservation of charge is. Strong interaction does not couple to leptons so conservation is trivial there. Lepton number is an additive quantum number.

Is Hypercharge conserved?

In particle physics, the hypercharge (a portmanteau of hyperonic and charge) Y of a particle is a quantum number conserved under the strong interaction.

Do antiparticles have opposite weak isospin?

right-handed anti-particles with equal and opposite weak isospin. All right-handed (regular) particles and left-handed anti-particles have weak isospin of 0.

Which properties should be conserved in particle interactions?

The conservation laws of classical physics, such as the conservation of energy, linear and angular momentum and electric charge all readily hold in particle physics; that is, when particles interact with one another, energy, charge and momentum are all conserved.