What is BitTorrent ratio?

A user’s share ratio for any individual torrent is a number determined by dividing the amount of data that user has uploaded by the amount of data they have downloaded.

At what ratio should I stop seeding?

Many BitTorrent clients allow to set the seeding ratio. The seeding is stopped when the adjusted ratio is reached to save your bandwidth. I usually use ratio of 1.5. That means: for 100 MB of downloaded data I upload 150 MB of data.

How do I increase BitTorrent ratio?

How To Improve Your Torrent Tracker Ratio

  1. Go for Fresh Torrents.
  2. Opt for Smaller Files.
  3. Use a higher leecher ratio than seeders.
  4. Avoid Zero-leech torrent.
  5. Cross Seeds.
  6. Adjust client download and upload limit.
  7. Keep the Torrent Client working.
  8. Donate.

What is a seed ratio?

A ratio of less than 1 means that you have mostly downloaded and either stopped the torrent after finishing or it was downloading fast and nobody else is downloading from you. A ratio of more than 1 means you have uploaded more than the amount you downloaded, e.g. if you are seeding something for a long time.

Do you want more seeders or leechers?

Seeders are people who have already downloaded the file and are uploading them. The more seeders the faster the download will go. Leechers are people who are sharing what they have and are downloading what you have. When searching torents, always get high seeded torents.

Is more seeders better?

Pick the torrent with best seeder to leecher ratio, which means that the more the seeders and the less the leechers, the better.

How do you find a good seed ratio?

Start hosting smaller files. The easiest way to increase your seeding ratio is by downloading smaller files and storing them on your seedbox. When you start seeding smaller-sized files, you increase the chances of seeders downloading your files.

Does seeding slow down internet?

No, seeding will not affect download speed. Upload speed and download speed are different and independent, but if you are seeding and also surfing the net, then on some sites it will affect speed, especially if you have to upload information on that site, for example, attaching a file to an email.

Is BitTorrent seeding illegal?

BitTorrent and other torrent clients itself are not unsafe or illegal as the service exists legally for sharing any type of file. However, using BitTorrent for copyrighted material is illegal and unsafe. The users that already have the file are known as seeds.