What is an SF 71?

Formerly Standard Form (SF) 71. Privacy Act Statement. Section 6311 of title 5, United States Code, authorizes collection of this information. The primary use of this information is by management and your payroll office to approve and record your use of leave.

What is a OPM Form 71?

An OPM-71 form is used by the United States Office of Personnel Management. This form is known as a Request for Leave or Approved Absence.

How do I complete OPM Form 71?

How to Fill Out Form OPM 71?

  1. Name. Provide your full legal name in the following format: Last, First, Middle.
  2. Employee or Social Security Number. Provide your employee number or the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  3. Organization.
  4. Type of Leave or Absence.
  5. Family and Medical Leave.
  6. Remarks.
  7. Certification.

How do I request time off from VA?

VA employees must submit a leave request, either through VA’s TA system, or a written request such as OPM Form 71, for most types of leave. For more detailed information on employee responsibilities in relation to leave, refer to VA Handbook 5011.

What’s liberal leave?

Liberal leave refers to any unscheduled leave federal employees may take in the event of extreme weather or a similar emergency, which prevents them from reporting to work as usual.

How much vacation do VA nurses get?

ANNUAL LEAVE (VACATION) Full time employees initially earn 13 days per year. You can earn up to 26 days per year after continued service. Full time nurses, nurse anethetists, physician assistants, and expanded function dental auxiliaries earn 26 days annually.

Does Virginia require PTO payout?

There is no Virginia statute that requires employers to pay a departing employee for accrued vacation or other leave time.

What is the Fegli death benefit?

The FEGLI death benefit is a payout to the beneficiary of the life insurance policy, annuity, or pension when the federal employee or retiree passes away.