What is an AFC drawing?

An Approved for Construction (AFC) means that the document or drawing was reviewed and approved by authorities of internal and external organisations including the client representatives for the construction.

What is an approval of a document?

A document approval process is exactly what it sounds like: a workflow that defines the steps necessary to approve different types of documents and deliverables – copy, designs, code, etc. Essentially, it maps the path a document takes as it goes from the first draft to the final product.

What is IFA in engineering?

Issued for Approval (IFA) means that the document or drawing is issued for client or delegated authorised person/ organisation to review and approval to use of them for further developments or activities. (e.g., Project Critical Document including P&ID, Plot Plan, etc.)

What is IFR project management?

Issued for Review (IFR) means that the document or drawing is Issued for internal or external Review (IFR) or Client Review (FCR). (e.g., Project non-critical Document, etc.) Related Definitions in the Project: The Document Review and Approval.

What is IFC drawing?

What is IFC Drawing? It is the short form of “Issued for construction”. This is the drawing is given by the consultant for construction purposes as well as preparation of shop drawings to the contractor. It contains the general drawings that are analyzed by contractors to produce a more detailed shop drawings.

Why do documents get approved?

An effective document approval workflow builds efficiency When managers and stakeholders can review and approve any crucial file or document faster, your entire organization becomes more efficient. The right document management workflow ensures all your documents meet your quality standards.

How do I approve a Word document?

Drag and drop a document or upload a new document into the library (you can have another user do this so you can test the true “workflow” functionality). Let’s go ahead and Reject this document. Right-click or click on ellipsis (3 dots) > More > Approve/Reject.

What does review approval mean?

Document Review and Approval Cycle is a period of time frame for the update and revise the document and drawing in accordance with the review results including a specified review meeting, and update and re-issue.

What is IFC in construction?

IFC (Issued for Construction) and Shop Drawings play an important role in detailing out information about all components in a construction project.

What is document control?

Document control refers to the practice and profession of enforcing document management standards within a given workplace or other definable scope. Document control practices ensure that all of the data concerning any given element of the workplace is accurate and in agreement with each other.

What is the difference between AFC and IFC?

A Construction team must use only an AFC marked or stamped drawings and documents for the construction works and activities. Issued for Construction (IFC) means that the document or drawing which are categorised as the review, and Issued for Construction.

What is document review and approval Category?

Document Review and Approval Category is defined by the importance of document and information that is for information, for review, for approval, and for record.

What is document distribution matrix (DMR)?

Document Distribution Matrix is a systematic organised matrix for the document and drawings to be distributed to related person or organisation for their information, review and approval, record, and use for further actions.

What is document review and approval procedure (Drap)?

Document Review and Approval Procedure is a project document quality management work process ensuring that there is an adequate review or approval of project deliverables which are successfully completed before beginning subsequent work.

What are the different types of approved for construction documents?

There are: IFR (Issued for Review), IFA (Issued for Approval), IFD (Issued for Design), FCR (Issued for Client Review), FCA (Issued for Client Approval), AFD (Approved for Design), and IFC (Issued for Construction) or AFC (Approved for Construction) aligning with the work processes completed.