What is aggregator design pattern?

The aggregator design pattern is a service that receives a request, subsequently makes requests of multiple services, combines the results and responds to the initiating request. The diagram pictorially displays this pattern: Benefits of the Aggregator Pattern.

What are data integration patterns?

A data integration pattern is a standardized method for integrating data. Data integration involves moving, transforming, and consolidating data in all its forms. A data integration pattern helps standardize the overall process, synchronizing the data to provide usable and accessible data.

What is aggregator pattern in microservices?

01) Aggregator Pattern. So, in microservices the Aggregator Design Pattern is a service that receives a request, then makes requests of multiple services, combines the results and responds to the initiating request.

What is an aggregator API?

An API aggregator (also referred to as “API Hub”) is an API on top of several different APIs. It provides a single point of implementation and delivers a unique and standardized API regardless of what APIs or services it integrates with.

What is the saga pattern?

A saga pattern is a sequence of local transactions where each transaction updates data within a single service. The first transaction in a saga is initiated by an external request corresponding to the system operation, and then each subsequent step is triggered by the completion of the previous one.

How many integration patterns are there?

There are five data integration patterns based on business use cases and cloud integration patterns.

What is aggregation in API gateway?

Gateway Aggregation pattern is similar with Gateway Routing but extra it is offering aggregation of services. Basically Gateway Aggregation pattern offers to use a gateway service that provide to aggregate multiple internal requests to internal microservices with exposing a single request to the client.

Which API Gateway is best for microservices?

Why NGINX Plus Is the Best API Gateway for Both Traditional Apps and Microservices

  • NGINX and NGINX Plus are already the industry’s most pervasive API gateway.
  • NGINX is also the pioneer in developing microservices reference architectures.