What is a Vacis exam?

The Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System (VACIS) or Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) exam is conducted at the terminal and uses gamma-ray technology. A VACIS scans the entire container, providing a visual of any anomalies inside the container. This type of exam does not break the container seal or open the container.

How long does a Vacis exam take?

2-3 days
How long it takes depends on the amount of traffic in the port and the length of the queue, but you’re generally looking at 2-3 days. If the VACIS/NII exam doesn’t yield anything surprising, your container will be released and sent on its way.

What is an agricultural hold?

(U.S. Department of Agriculture Hold) Their main goal in terms of goods imported into the U.S. is to ensure Animal and Plant health. If packing materials are not properly fumigated and from a country with known issues, USDA may choose to hold your shipment for an examination of these materials.

What is a customs TET exam?

(A-TCET): Anti Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team CBP is looking for illegal cargo, smuggling, weapons of mass destruction, and other contraband. An (A-TCET) Intensive Examination requires complete unloading and staging of the shipment for piece by piece examination of the cargo.

What is Vacis used for?

From a rail perspective, 100% of all rail-borne maritime shipping containers that enter the US from Canada undergo scanning through a Vehicles and Cargo Inspection System (VACIS) at the land border point of entry, a process that provides customs officers with a radiographic image of the interior of each container/ …

How long can US Customs hold a container?

Shipments stuck in customs rarely get held more than 45 days, but unfortunately, there is technically no legal limit for how long customs can hold onto your shipment.

Who pays CBP damage?

As a matter of policy the United Staes has determined that the individual owning the damaged property will bear the costs of property damaged during customs searches.

What does 1H mean in customs?

Disposition Codes
Code Name
1G CBP hold placed at port of in‑bond destination
1H CBP hold placed at port of discharge
1I CBP hold removed at port of discharge

What is the average size of agricultural land holding in India?

There are nearly 140 million landholdings in India with an average size of just above 1 ha (1.15 ha). Two-thirds of these holdings are marginal (<1 ha) with an average size of 0.39 ha only (Agricultural Census, 2014).

How long does a customs inspection take?

In general, you can expect most cargo to pass through customs in between 12 – 24 hours. When planning on the lead times presented to your customers, the maximum delay should be taken into account.

What is a 7H customs hold?

The XRAY List contains all of the containers on terminal with a U.S. Customs class 7H hold. This hold is for a non-intrusive inspection (NII) also known as xray or vacis exam. Containers on this list are on hold until released by US Customs release.

What is a non-intrusive imaging system?

DESCRIPTION. The Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems (NIIS) program consists of commercial off-the-shelf products that utilize nuclear source and X-ray technologies to scan vehicles, cargo and personnel for detection of explosives and other contraband.