What is a stable and monostable?

Astable multivibrator, in which the circuit is not stable in either state —it continually switches from one state to the other. Monostable multivibrator, in which one of the states is stable, but the other state is unstable (transient). A trigger pulse causes the circuit to enter the unstable state.

What is the applications of monostable multivibrator?

Applications of Monostable Multivibrator Due to time delay capability, it is mostly used in different timer circuits. It also used in different storage circuits. It also used to provide input to other pluse generator circuits. It also has ability to reproduce damage pulses again.

What is astable and monostable multivibrator?

Astable multivibrator ### 2)Monostable multivibrator. It has one stable and one quasi stable state. The circuit is useful for generating single output pulse of time duration in response to a triggering signal. The width of the output pulse depends only on external components connected to the op-amp.

What is stable state in monostable multivibrator?

A stable state is such a state where the transistor remains without being altered, unless disturbed by some external trigger pulse. As Monostable works on the same principle, it has another name called as One-shot Multivibrator.

Which multivibrator has a quasi stable as well as a stable state?

monostable multivibrator
The monostable multivibrator has one quasi-stable state and one unknown state. Explanation: The monostable multivibrator is a circuit whose output has one stable state and one quasi-stable state.

Which multivibrator has two stable states?

Bistable Multivibrators
Bistable Multivibrators have TWO stable states (hence the name: “Bi” meaning two) and maintain a given output state indefinitely unless an external trigger is applied forcing it to change state.

What is stable state multivibrator?

Monostable multivibrator has only one stable state which means it provided one high and one low state in its whole operation… Astable and bistable multivibrator can produces controlled train of square wave pulses as per our requirement..

What are the other names of monostable multivibrator?

It is also known as single shot or one shot multivibrator. Other names of monostable multivibrator are delay multivibrator and unimultivibrator.

What is quasi stable state in monostable multivibrator?

Quasi stable state/Quasi state is a temporary stable state. A monostable circuit is triggered to this state before returning to the normal stable state. Both the states of an astable multivibrator are quasi-stable.