What is a HydroLuxe massage?

In combining the innovative technology of dry water massage with the soothing effect of heat therapy, HydroLuxe allows warm water hydro jets to hit the underside of the bed. The result is a relaxing, head-to-toe massage experience without the inconvenience of disrobing.

Do hydro massages really work?

Hydromassage has been proven to promote relaxation and cell renewal. It can also boost your mood with no medicinal side effects. People with chronic anxiety can be soothed by hydromassage, as can those with high blood pressure, digestive issues, or migraines.

What is the HydroMassage bed at Planet Fitness?

HydroMassage beds and lounges use heated water to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Learn more about what HydroMassage is and how it works today. Most commonly, HydroMassage water massage is enjoyed post-workout as a cool-down prior to leaving the gym or before a workout to loosen tight muscles.

What is a dry water massage?

Dry hydrotherapy (also known as hydromassage, aquamassage, water massage) is a treatment using heated water in a self-contained device such as a table or chair which circulates around the individual in a massaging or pulsing manner. The pressure of the water against the body provides the massage.

What do they do in a full body massage?

A full-body massage usually includes your arms, legs, hands and feet, your neck and back, your stomach and buttocks. The area around the breasts is usually massaged but not the breasts themselves. You can always say you hate having your breast area or buttocks or whatever touched.

Does HydroMassage help lose weight?

Since 15 minutes of hydromassage helps burn 200 to 300 kilocalories and is equivalent to about 3 km of jogging; it helps reduce weight, provided caloric intake is also managed properly.

How often should you HydroMassage?

A regular HydroMassage session, once or twice a week, can really ensure that you realize the benefits of water massage, including increased circulation, relieved muscle tension, reduced stress and anxiety (see the complete list of therapeutic benefits of HydroMassage below).

How much does a HydroMassage bed cost?

At-home hydromassage table costs can vary, but the average is $3,000. This doesn’t include accessories and maintenance.

Does hydromassage help lose weight?

What are the benefits of hydromassage?

Relieve and loosen knots and spasms. Our hydromassage bed has enough pressure to get into your deeper tissues without causing discomfort or pain.

  • Relieve stress. When we’re stressed,we tend to hold a lot of tension in our muscles and other connective tissues.
  • Stimulate the release of toxins through your pores.
  • Is hydromassage good for You?

    A good hydromassage is a very satisfying treatment – you can feel it working even as you’re having it. A rigorous underwater massage, the powerful jets stimulate your circulation and get blood and lymph moving around your body, and to the surface of your skin.

    What is hydrotherapy massage?

    Hydrotherapy massage – is a kind of therapeutic massage that utilizes “Ultrasonic Jet System” that massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic jets strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles.

    What is hydro massage?

    Hydromassage is a therapeutic technique involving the use of water and pressurized jets to help massage muscles and other soft tissues in the body. This method also sometimes goes by other names, such as: