What is a hotrock bike?

That’s why we made our Hotrock 20—a well-priced and designed bike with plenty of gear range to tackle the neighborhood hills, and enough front-end travel to ride beginner’s trails confidently. SR Suntour XCT-JR suspension fork offers 40mm of coil-sprung travel that smooths out bumpy, rough terrain.

What is a specialized hotrock?

The Specialized Hotrock 16 (Riprock) is a solid bike-shop bike, but it’s pretty pricey for what you get. With no hand brake and heavier than other bikes, our review details why it’s great and why it’s not.

How much does specialized hotrock 24 weigh?

28 lb.
As a comparison, Specialized top 24″ mountain bike*, the Hotrock 24 XC Boys Disc (MSRP $660), weighs 28 lb., and while it does have a front shock and disc brakes, for most kids riding a 24″ frame, the extra 10 lb.

Is specialized hotrock a mountain bike?

The 2020 Specialized Hotrock 24 is a serious little mountain bike designed for your kids with 24-inch wheels, front suspension and reliable components. The 2020 Specialized Hotrock 24 is a serious little mountain bike designed for your kids with 24-inch wheels, front suspension and reliable components.

How do you know what size Specialized bike to get?

How do I determine the size of my bike?

  1. Measure the length of your bicycle’s head tube.
  2. Once you have the length of your bicycle’s head tube in millimeters, you can then compare that length to the geometry chart for your corresponding year and model of bicycle.

What specialized frame size?

Specialized Enduro

Rider Height Bike Size
Feet cm
5’2″ – 5’6″ 158 – 168cm Small
5’6″ – 5’10” 168 – 178cm Medium
5’10” – 6’1″ 178 – 185cm Large

How much does the Cleary meerkat weigh?

All told, the bike (with included nylon pedals) weighs about 28.2lbs. The Cleary Meerkat is offered in three colors — graphite (on test), desert green, and punk rock pink — and retails for $625.

Do your Girls Like their specialized hotrock 16’S?

My girls loved their Specialized Hotrock 16’s it was hard to get them to give them up when it was time to get bigger ones. I did everything I could to make them last. But when their knees where up to their shoulders it was time to graduate. I actually have one pink and one purple for sale on eBay now.

Is the specialized Riprock 12 inch bike good for beginners?

As a result, the bike is much easier to balance at lower speeds and easier for beginning riders to ride. Like the Hotrock 12 before it, the Specialized Riprock is one of the only 12 inch bikes on the market that has a low center of gravity design.

What is the best bike for a 16 year old girl?

Unless she hits a big growth spurt soon, we’ll be looking into the new line of kid’s bike by Cult, which reportedly are more performance oriented and come with a freewheel. This is the best 16″ kids bike on the market, it is lighter than just about anything else out there. Quality A1 frame and fork with a real 1 1/8″ headset makes this bike solid.

What is the best bike for kids with inseams?

That said, many kids prefer to be able to solidly touch the ground with their feet because it gives them a sense of security. With training wheels, the Riprock is a best buy for kids with inseams ranging from about 14″ to 16.5″. If your child needs training wheels, you should also consider the Specialized Hotwalk, which is a balance bike.