What is a flushmount sink?

A flush mount sink, also known as a tiled-edge sink, sits flush with the countertop, supported by the base cabinets. Grout is required between the sink and the countertop, but it does offer a generally smooth surface with the countertop so that spills can be wiped right into the sink.

Is undermount sink good?

An undermount sink is an excellent way to incorporate a current trend that will still be stylish and functional in a decade or even two. The floating sinks of recent years are gorgeous, but they won’t be very practical as people want to make changes to their homes.

What is a reversible sink?

It means that there is a tap hole on both sides of the sink so that you can pick which side you want the drainer on, and included in the fittings is a round disc (known as a ‘blank’ with the Carron Phoenix Logo on it) that covers the unused Tap Hole.

What is a drainer in a sink?

A drainboard is a fixed platform attached to your kitchen sink. It allows water to drain into the sink while dishes are resting on it. It is a kitchen accessory that helps you to dry your dishes.

Are Flushmount sinks good?

A flushmount sink allows you to swipe crumbs easily into the sink with a cloth. Nothing is left hanging around here. Nothing rots or goes mouldy. It remains hygienically clean and pristine.

Where is Oliveri sinks made?

Our Australian made sinks are manufactured not only in accordance with strict health and safety policies but also to ISO 14001 Environmental certification. All our stainless steel is 100% recyclable and so too is the majority of our product packaging.

What are the disadvantages of an undermount sink?

Here are a few cons of undermount sinks:

  • They Require More Support. Sinks are heavy.
  • Undermount Sinks Take Up Space. Although these sinks do not take up space above the counter, they do sit lower than drop-in sinks.
  • They Are More Difficult to Replace.

Do undermount sinks fail?

Unfortunately, the weight, moisture, and vibration of the garbage disposal will literally pull the sink away causing it to separate and fail. The result is moisture problems in your sink cabinet, stressful haggling with the installer to fix it, and even costly repair bills to make it right!

Are all kitchen sinks reversible?

To avoid ordering the wrong model for your installation, many kitchen sinks are reversible, meaning they can be fitted with the drainer on either the left or right, as you require.

What is a reversible farmhouse sink?

A reversible farmhouse sink is finished on all four sides, with the two long sides featuring different designs (such as a fluted side and a smooth side or rounded and square corners on opposite sides) so that you can choose the side that appeals to you most.

Are drainer grooves a good idea?

Drainage grooves help liquids escape flat surfaces. On kitchen worktops, they are extremely useful because they allow water and other liquids to easily drain into a sink. Do I need drainage grooves? While drainage grooves are not essential for a kitchen worktop, they do make life easier when cleaning up.

What is a Drainboard used for?

Drainboard sinks keep your countertop clean and dry because they contain the water and channel it straight into the sink and down the drain. The drainboards can even be used for collecting food scraps. As long as the adjoining basin has a garbage disposal you can push the scraps straight into the basin.