What is a Apcr round?

Armour-Piercing Composite Rigid – a type of armor piercing projectile.

How do APCR rounds work?

The kinetic energy of the round is concentrated in the core and hence on a smaller impact area, improving the penetration of the target armor. To prevent shattering on impact, a shock-buffering cap is placed between the core and the outer ballistic shell as with APC rounds.

What rounds Should I Use in War Thunder?

In War Thunder, AP rounds should be used as a general use anti-armour round, with careful round placement to maximise post-penetration damage.

What do tracer bullets do in war thunder?

Tracer ammunition is useful for newer players because it allows you to see where your shots are travelling more easily than other ammunition belts, allowing for easier aiming.

What is the best ammo in War Thunder planes?

[Top 5] War Thunder Best Ammo for Planes

  • #5 Tracer Ammunition (Best for new players)
  • #4 Stealth Ammunition (Best for ambushes/experienced players)
  • #3 Universal Ammunition (Best for versatility)
  • #2 Air Targets Ammunition (Best for killing aircraft)
  • #1 Armoured Targets (Best for killing tanks and heavy aircraft)