What is a 1968 BSA Lightning worth?


Excellent $13,065
Very Good $8,200
Good $4,965
Fair $2,550
Poor N/A

How much is a 1967 BSA Lightning worth?


Excellent $14,430
Very Good $8,880
Good $5,285
Fair $2,700
Poor N/A

What was the last BSA motorcycle made?

Then what happened? In 1972, a government rescue plan saw BSA’s motorcycle businesses merged with Norton-Villiers to create Norton-Villiers-Triumph. It didn’t work. Their last BSA-badged bike was produced in 1973 with NVT liquidated in 1978 (Triumph by then had already been sold off to a workers cooperative).

Did BSA become triumph?

At its peak, BSA (including Triumph) was the largest motorcycle producer in the world….BSA motorcycles.

Industry Motorcycle
Founded 1919
Fate effectively bankrupt Re-founded- 2021
Successor Norton-Villiers-Triumph
Headquarters Birmingham

What was the fastest BSA motorcycle?

the Spitfire
Manufactured from 1966 – 1968, it had classic BSA styling. Initially at 10.5 :1 compression ratio, running Amal GP carburetors and new 12 volt electrics, the Spitfire would run almost 120mph and was BSA’s fastest production motorcycle to date.

Are BSA and Triumph the same?

BSA, or the Birmingham Small Arms company Ltd, is the ‘other’ historic British bike brand (along with Triumph and Norton) most famous for machines like the Bantam, Gold Star and Rocket III.

What is the value of a 1970 BSA Lightning motorcycle?

When did the BSA Hotrod come out?

Ground up restoration of an original, matching numbers bike in 2019. This was the top of the line BSA in 1967 and the definitive hotrod of the lineup…. Bead blasted all steel frame parts.primed with two part primerpainted with two part gloss black.

Is there a 1956 BSA B31 for sale?

Up for sale is my 1956 BSA B31. This was restored to near factory appearance and performance by the previous owner in 2006. Receipts and restoration notes are included which show good attention to detail and California-enthusiast quality workmanship. Receipts list dozens of parts and the frame which were either powder coated or re-chromed.

When did the BSA Bantam D7 come out?

The BSA Bantam, or D-series, motorcycles were two-stroke single cylinder models with a production run spanning four decades: 1948–1971. 1959 BSA Bantam D7. Original number.

What kind of engine does a BSA fantastic have?

Fantastic BSA Motor Bike. In working order It has the V5 1960 c15Top end rebuild Fork seals renewed 6 volt electrics with Boyer ignition Paint work and chrome in good condition Non transferable regNot been used for 18 months due to ill health Cash or bank transfer only For further details contact Roger on 07530275641… more