What happened to Daddaji in Yrkkh?

Sanjay, who played Daddaji on the show, left Yeh Rishta due to the growing issues between him, Sonali Verma and Sandeep Mehta. The actor was unhappy due to the treatment meted out by the two.

Why Sandeep Mehta leave Yrkkh?

Sanjay left the show after there were growing issues between him and Sonali Verma-Sandip Mehta, who played the role of Naitik’s parents. He was then replaced by Abhijeet Lahri, but eventually, his character was killed off in the show. Amann quit the show as he was looking for better opportunities.

Who is Dadaji in Yrkkh?

The character of Dadaji is portrayed by Abhijeet Lahiri who reportedly believes in the limitations of his role in the current track. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai is headed for a 10 years leap soon and it is believed that the makers have decided to scrap off Dadaji’s character.

Who was Alok in Yrkkh?

Amit Dolawat will play the role of Alok.

Why was Bhabhi Maa angry with Akshara?

Naksh (Rohan Mehra) will be trying hard to reunite them and finally he will succeed. Bhabhi Maa though like Akshara, is angry with Akshara as the former think the latter is responsible for Daddaji’s death. This doesn’t go well with Akshara and she takes Bhabhi Maa to the room and raise her voice.

Why did Gayatri leave Yrkkh?

After playing Gayatri, Akshara’s (Hina Khan) mother-in-law in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ for five years, actress Sonali Verma has quit the show. Reason: She is getting married and will shift base to the US, where her husband-to-be Sachin Sachdeva lives. We have become global jet-setters,” says the actress.

How did Dadaji died?

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati, known mostly as the “MDH Dadaji,” survived most of the 20th century, but couldn’t survive 2020. His death was announced Thursday morning, after his heart stopped while he was undergoing treatment in Delhi’s Mata Chanan Devi Hospital.

What is the real name of GAYU in Yrkkh?

Kanchi Singh
Kanchi Singh (born 27 March 1996) is an Indian television actress. She known for portraying Gayatri Deora in StarPlus’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Avni Khandelwal in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya.

What happened to Rashmi in Yeh Rishta?

Rashmi later marries Sameer Desai, and he fathers Gayatri. She loves Kartik Goenka but later sacrifices her love for her sister, Naira. She had failed marriage with Vivaan and Shubham Goenka. She later marries to Suhasan Goenka and had the children named Dhrumsena, Vansh, Vatsal and Rashmi.

How did Bhabhimaa forgive Akshara?

Naksh clears Bhabhima’s misunderstanding on Akshara and makes Bhabhima realizes that Akshara did not kill Daddaji. Bhabhima realizes her mistake and regrets on her deeds that she did with Akshara since 10 years.

Why Akshara is thrown out of Singhania house?

Broken by his death, Babhi maa thinks that Akshara is responsible and throws her out of the house. Seeing this the family members will be shocked but helpless. The family will be all lost until Naitik gets Akshara back to Udaipur.