What happened STS Turbo?

After selling STS Turbo, Squires has started Squires Performance, LLC to allow him to be able to give a more hands-on and personalized service to a select customer base.

Is the Trailblazer SS fast?

That said, being able to deliver power to all four wheels dramatically aids acceleration, as well as all-weather power delivery. The LS2 makes the Trailblazer SS fast, but the all-wheel drive system makes it fast everywhere, on street tires no less.

How do rear mounted turbos work?

Having a turbo rear-mounted means that as the charge air from the turbocharger travels back to the engine, it is simultaneously cooled by the ambient air running underneath the car, saving the need for an intercooler.

Did Holley buy STS?

Holley/MSD has announced that STS Turbo is now part of the Holley family of performance brands.

Who owns STS Turbo?

Rick Squires
Rick Squires, founder and owner of STS Turbo, develops custom kits for cars. He’s figured out how to take the exhaust from the engine and turn it into horsepower. Adding his kit to a car can increase its horsepower by 50%.

What engine does a Tbss have?

The base engine is a 285 horsepower, 4.2-liter inline-6, Vortec 4200, which comes standard with a four-speed automatic transmission. The TrailBlazer SS features GM’s LS2 6.0-liter V8 engine, which produces 390 horsepower.

Is the Chevy Trailblazer SS Supercharged?

One vehicle that is often underrated, and almost unnoticed in traffic is the Trailblazer SS. Stuff a supercharger under the hood of one, and you have yourself a gigantic load of fun, especially in a large empty parking lot. …

Does a rear mount turbo need an intercooler?

Second, most rear mount turbochargers don’t require a dedicated intercooler, because the charge is cooled by the ambient air passing alongside the piping that sends it back to the engine once it’s been compressed.

Do rear mounted turbos have more lag?

As a rear-mount turbo requires a much longer intake piping system than a traditionally mounted turbo, there is increased turbo lag and pressure drop.

Did Holley buy STS Turbo?