What happened Serafim Todorov?

The Bulgarian Boxing Federation barred this move, and Todorov refused to represent his native country, ending his amateur boxing career by 2003. As of 2015, Todorov lives in Pazardzhik.

Who did Floyd Mayweather lose to as an amateur?

It almost didn’t happen. After losing to Augie Sanchez by a score of 12-11, Mayweather proclaimed the bout his final as an amateur. “I’m through with amateur boxing,” he told the Orlando Sentinel shortly after the decision was read.

Did Mayweather lose in the Olympics?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER was reduced to tears after losing in the 1996 Olympics – which was the final time he ever tasted defeat. The future boxing legend had breezed into the semi-finals of the featherweight category in Atlanta.

When did Mayweather last lose?

The most recent and the most notable loss of Floyd Mayweather’s amateur boxing career came against Serafim Todorov of Bulgaria in the 1996 summer Olympics.

When was Mayweather last lost?

24 Years Ago Today: @FloydMayweather’s last loss. A controversial decision in the semis of the 1996 Olympics to Bulgarian Serafim Todorov. Mayweather is 50-0 in his pro career, makes nearly $1 billion. The head of the boxing officials in the Atlanta Olympics was Bulgarian Emil Jetchev.

How many belts did Floyd Mayweather have at one time?

During his career he won fifteen major world championships from super featherweight to light middleweight, including the Ring magazine title in five weight classes, the lineal championship in four weight classes (twice at welterweight), and retired with an undefeated record.

What is khabib’s amateur record?

Allakhverdiev had an amateur record of around 220 fights.

Did Tyson fight Mayweather?

When Mike Tyson pretended to throw a punch at Floyd Mayweather and the unbeaten legend didn’t even flinch. Since the 1980s, Mike Tyson has been one of the scariest men on the planet, however, he was unable to frighten Floyd Mayweather when they met up at an event in late 2014.