What does Rukh mean in English?

Rukhnoun. a large bird, supposed by some to be the same as the extinct Epiornis of Madagascar. Etymology: [Srr Roc.]

How do you write Ruk in Urdu?

There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Ruk in English is Auberge, and in Urdu we write it رک.

What does Kuch mean in Urdu?

kuuch. कूचکوچ march, departure, decampment.

What does Khitta mean in Urdu?

The Urdu Word خطہ Meaning in English is Tract. The other similar words are Qata, Khitta, Mulk, Risala and Kitabcha. The synonyms of Tract include are Amplitude, Belt, District, Estate, Expanse, Extent, Field, Parcel, Part, Piece, Plat, Plot, Portion, Quarter, Region, Section, Sector, Spread, Stretch and Zone.

What language is Rukh?

Rukh (film)

Release date 27 October 2017
Running time 106 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

What’s the meaning of haltingly?

Meaning of haltingly in English in a nervous way, stopping often while you are saying or doing something: He spoke haltingly about his experiences as a hostage.

What is the meaning of NA in Urdu?

The Urdu Word نا Meaning in English is Not. The other similar words are Nhe, Na and Mat. The synonyms of Not include are No More, Not At All and Not Either.

What is Khitta in English?

Khitta in English Khitta meaning in English is Region and Khitta or Region synonym is Area, Domain, Neighborhood, Part and Realm.

What is the meaning of Khitta?

a piece of ground (marked out), a plot of land, region, domain, area.

Is Sana’a lucky name?

The name is originated from . The lucky number of Sana’a name is 2….Sana’a Name Meaning.

Name Sana’a
Meaning Praising Words, Praising Poem For God
Gender Girl
Lucky Number 2
Religion Muslim