What does it mean to put a kibosh on something?

Definition of put the kibosh on informal. : to stop or end (something) : to prevent (something) from happening or continuing His mother put the kibosh on his smoking habit.

Where did the phrase kibosh come from?

To “put the kibosh” on something means to stop an activity. “Kibosh” is believed to come from the Arabic word “qurbāsh,” referring to a whip used for punishment.

Is kibosh in the dictionary?

Meaning of kibosh in English to spoil or destroy an idea or plan: The rain certainly put the kibosh on our plans for a picnic.

How do you use kibosh in a sentence?

stop from happening or developing.

  1. Her limited money kiboshed her travel plan.
  2. The rain certainly put the kibosh on our plans for a picnic.
  3. I’m afraid that bad weather will pat the kibosh on our holiday plan.
  4. Another such injury will put the kibosh on his athletic career.

Can I put the kibosh on?

Restrain or check something, as in The rain put the kibosh on our beach party, or The boss put the kibosh on the whole project. The word kibosh has been used in English since the first half of the 1800s and its origin is unknown.

How do I find the origin of a word?

How to find the etymology of a word

  1. Research etymological dictionaries. Here are some to try: LibrarySpot Etymology Dictionaries.
  2. Look up the root words of your topic. Explore the history and evolution of your keywords. Get the true sense of how these words were born and evolved over time.
  3. Work with those words.

How do you spell Kaibosh?

(slang) A checking or restraining element. Only used in put the kibosh on and put on the kibosh.

What is the meaning of Vesuvian?

adjective. Ve·​su·​vi·​an | \ və-ˈsü-vē-ən \ Definition of Vesuvian (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : of, relating to, or resembling the volcano Vesuvius. 2 : marked by sudden outbursts has a Vesuvian temper, but quickly controls himself— Sidney Shalett.

What does the phrase man of letters mean?

noun. a man engaged in literary pursuits, especially a professional writer. a man of great learning; scholar.

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What does the phrase put the kibosh on mean?

Definition of kibosh. : something that serves as a check or stop —usually used in the phrase put the kibosh on Inevitably, though, another recession will come putting the kibosh on job and income growth …— Joseph Spiers.

How did Geoff put the Kaibosh on the timely delivery?

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