What does focus tracking with lock on mean?

In continuous-servo AF, focus tracking with lock-on prevents the camera refocusing when your subject is briefly obscured by another object, ensuring that it will continue to track the main subject once the obstacle has moved away.

What is the focus selector lock?

Explanation: If you set this switch to L for „lock“ the focus point cannot be changed with the multi selector. This is relevant only if the method of focus selection that you have chosen with the focus button is not AUTO.

How do you lock the focus of your camera?

This is where focus lock comes in. To use it, point your camera at the subject and half press the shutter button. You should hear a beep and see a light come on in the viewfinder to let you know the camera has focused. The focus will now remain locked while your finger is still holding the shutter button half down.

How do you lock the focus on a Nikon?

Locking Focus and Exposure Position the subject in the selected focus point and press the shutter-release button halfway to set focus and exposure. Lock focus and exposure. With the shutter-release button pressed halfway, press the A (L) button to lock both focus and exposure (an AE-L icon will be displayed).

What is focus point wrap around?

Focus-point selection “wraps around” from top to bottom, bottom to top, right to left, and left to right, so that, for example, pressing 2 when a focus point at the right edge of the viewfinder display is highlighted ( ) selects the corresponding focus point at the left edge of the display ( ).

What is the L switch on Nikon d7000?

The L switch is just to lock in the focus point. This camera has 11 focus points, were you can choose just one to focus with (or two other modes, for that matter). The L switch allows you to lock in the point you choose, so you can’t by accident change it.

What does it mean AE AF lock?

The AE/AF Lock on iPhone cameras allows you to lock the exposure and focus on a particular area of your subject. Tap and press the screen on the desired location to set the focus and exposure to activate this feature. AE/AF Lock appears at the top of the screen when it’s set.