What does dubcon mean?

Get the boob sweat neck gaiter and mug. dub!con or simply just Dubcon stands for Dubious Consent, and is often used within the slash community to imply works of fiction in which the consent of the reveiver is dubious. The relevance of the central exclamation mark is unknown although it often appears.

What does dub con mean in anime?

Dub-con. “Dub-con” refers to sex involving dubious consent in fanworks. This indicates that consent is unknown or uncertain, and this is distinguished from consent being definitely absent, as in non-con or rapefic . Often, a character involved is uncertain about whether he or she wants to participate.

When did dub-con become a thing?

The earliest use of dub-con as a distinct tag is hard to pin down. In a search of public Google entries, the term was used in 2003 by both Harry Potter fans in Keeping Him Safe dated November 9, 2003, and in The Cat and the Ferret dated October 10, 2003, and The Phantom Menace story Be Careful What You Dream Of dated July 11, 2003.