What does a lavender eye mask do?

The sleep-inducing lavender scent, combined with the gentle warmth of the mask, provides a relaxing sensation. Tension magically melts away as tired and strained eyes are invited on a sensory sleep experience. Plus, our masks contain blackout properties and can be worn all night.

What are the benefits of lavender eye pillows?

Filled with lavender and flax seeds, this aromatherapy pillow can be used to reduce stress during restorative yoga, meditation, or to relax before bed. It can be chilled in the refrigerator or warmed up in the microwave to provide instant relief for headaches, pains, and tired eyes.

Do eye pillows help you sleep?

Eye pillows are small pillows designed to comfortably cover your eyes. They offer an easy way to cushion your eyes during face-down yoga positions. Because they block out light, they can also be helpful for meditation, sleep, and general relaxation.

How do you use a lavender eye pillow?

To use it, I simply position the pillow over my eyes and take a few long, deep breaths in. The scent allows me to calm down since it’s right near my nose, and I feel the weight of the pillow mostly under my eyes and near my temples—it’s almost like a soothing massage.

Can you heat a lavender eye mask?

Simply warm in a microwave for 30 seconds for a peaceful night’s sleep or chill in the freezer to rejuvenate tired eyes. Warmies® Eye Masks (8.5”) are microwavable and gently scented with French lavender for the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Can I wash lavender eye pillow?

This eye pillow can be used not just for yoga but for relaxation, Meditation or to help with sleep and headaches. Washing can be done on cold machine wash, air dry.

Is eye mask useful?

Be it dark circles or simply giving your eyes some rest, eye masks are the best way to cool your strained eyes. The easiest way to heal your eyes is by minimising screen-time, like less usage of phones before bed, a lesser amount of watching TV and reducing the brightness on our workstations.

Are eye masks bad for sleep?

The Benefits of Sleep Masks Use of earplugs and eye masks resulted in an increased amount of REM sleep and less time spent between falling asleep and reaching REM sleep. It also resulted in less arousal and elevated melatonin levels.

How do you wash a lavender eye mask?

This eye pillow can be used not just for yoga but for relaxation, Meditation or to help with sleep and headaches. Washing can be done on cold machine wash, air dry. Do not wash the muslin bag filled with flax seed and lavender buds.

How do you refresh a lavender eye pillow?

To prolong the life and refresh the aroma of your Lavender Eye Pillow, add a few drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oil directly to the surface of the pillow. Store in a sealed plastic bag or container when not in use. Contains our own blend of rice and organically certified lavender buds.

What are the benefits of lavender essential oil?

The benefits of lavender essential oil are many. Not only is lavender considered to have antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties, but it’s aromatherapy benefits include treating insomnia, creating a sense of relaxation, treating restlessness, depression, and anxiety. And if that weren’t enough, it just plain smells amazing!

Do eye masks help you sleep better?

With our everyday lives becoming increasingly stressful, a peaceful night’s sleep is easier said than done, and many of us may struggle to switch off. A traditional light-blocking eye mask is a great solution when curtains or blinds let in light, disturbing the quality of your sleep.

What is the best alternative to disposable heated eye masks?

The Unimi Silk Mask is also an eco-friendly alternative to disposable heated eye masks. To heat the eye mask, you just remove the outer silk bag and heat the inner bag in the microwave for 40-60 seconds, and it’s ready to go!