What color number is indigo?

Indigo, found between blue and violet in the color wheel, is a natural pigment that comes from plants and is traditionally considered one of the 7 major spectral colors. The indigo hex code is #4B0082.

What color number is indigo blue?

Indigo Blue color hex code is #3F0FB7.

What is indigo in RGB?

The color indigo with hexadecimal color code #4b0082 is a medium dark shade of blue-magenta. In the RGB color model #4b0082 is comprised of 29.41% red, 0% green and 50.98% blue. In the HSL color space #4b0082 has a hue of 275° (degrees), 100% saturation and 25% lightness.

What is the CMYK value?

CMYK color code is used specially in printing field,it help to choose a color based on rendering that gives printing. The CMYK color code comes in the form of 4 codes each representing the percentage of the color used. The primary colors of subtractive synthesis are cyan, magenta and yellow.

How do you make indigo violet color?

The primary colors that make up indigo are red and blue. Red and blue also can be mixed to make violet when used in equal parts. To make indigo, blue has to be the dominant color in the equation. The mathematical equation to produce indigo would be to mix one-third red and two-thirds blue.

What is blue violet color?

The color blue-violet (color wheel) with hexadecimal color code #4d1a7f is a medium dark shade of blue-magenta. In the RGB color model #4d1a7f is comprised of 30.2% red, 10.2% green and 49.8% blue. In the HSL color space #4d1a7f has a hue of 270° (degrees), 66% saturation and 30% lightness.

Are indigo and navy blue the same color?

Indigo and navy are both a dark blue bordering on black, but one color name is associated with an eclectic style, while the other expresses a traditional style. We love it, whichever name it goes by. Indigo dye is the basis for navy blue so there is a deep connection between the two colors.

How do you get violet?

mix roughly 2 parts blue to 1 part red to make violet; mix equal part yellow and blue to make green.

Is blue violet Indigo?

Indigo is a rich color between blue and violet on the visible spectrum, it’s a dark purplish blue.

What are the CMYK values for indigo blue?

Furthermore, the CMYK values for indigo blue are (42,100,0,49) almost parallel to the actual percentages. Now that you know what values make up the indigo blue color code, you can be sure that you’ll get the right swatch every time.

What color is indigo in color simulator?

Blindness Simulator. In a RGB color space, hex #4b0082 (also known as Indigo) is composed of 29.4% red, 0% green and 51% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 42.3% cyan, 100% magenta, 0% yellow and 49% black.

What is the hex code for indigo blue?

The Indigo Blue Color Code: The HEX Code The HEX color system is popular in many graphic design centers, so if you work in the industry there’s a good chance you’re completing your projects based on this spectrum. Thankfully, the HEX value for indigo blue is simple; the code you need to input is #4b0082.

What is the complement of indigo blue?

The complement of Indigo Blue is Dark Lemon Lime with the hex code #87B70F. Complementary colors are those found at the opposite ends of the color wheel. Thus, as per the RGB system, the best contrast to #3F0FB7 color is offered by #87B70F. The complementary color palette is easiest to use and work with.