What color eyes does Selene have?

Selene was a relatively tall woman with pale skin and dark brown shoulder-length hair. As a child, her hair was light brown. After travelling to the Sacred World, she gained dark brown hair with white highlights. As a human, she had hazel eyes before gaining electric blue after becoming a Vampire.

Why do their eyes change color in Underworld?

In their normal or “relaxed” state, a Vampire’s appearance remains indistinguishable from a normal human’s, except that they are distinctively generally pale. When they become upset, their canines elongate, and their eyes turn either a shade of blue or gold with varying degrees of brightness.

Why do the elders sleep in Underworld?

As specifically explained in the Underworld novelization, the Chain served three functions: first, as an ingenious power-sharing arrangement among the three Elders, avoiding conflict among them by ensuring that only one of them was in command in any given century; and second, to provide each Elder with a much-needed …

Are the Vampires in Underworld undead?

In the Underworld universe the vampires are not undead they are living beings, thus, their bodies are still able to develop, if one is born or is turned as a kid he/she will grow up to adulthood and remain at their prime appearence forever. In this case Vampires are like humans with super human ability.

Is Selene Sonja’s daughter?

When Viktor kills the architect he commissioned to construct William’s prison and his family – to prevent the location of the prison from being revealed after Lucian takes possession of Sonja’s pendant – he is compelled to spare the man’s daughter, Selene, due to her striking resemblance to Sonja.

Who is the third son of Alexander Corvinus?

Only Alexander’s third son (who inherited the immortal strain in its inactive form) remained a human. Markus and his vampire army (led by Viktor) captured his brother William and locked him in a secret prison for over 800 years, the location of which was kept from Markus.