What character traits does Kenny have?

All in all, Kenny was very caring, gullible and stubborn. that is what make him, Kenny Watson.

What are some character traits of Byron from The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Byron Watson is a very cruel, selfish, troublesome character in the book, “The Watsons Go to Birmingham- 1963” by Christopher Paul Curtis. When the Watsons travel to Birmingham, Alabama to drop him off to their Grandma Sands to set Byron straight, Byron is changed forever.

Why did joetta leave the church who saved her?

Joetta explains that she left the church because she was so hot. Then she saw Kenny wave to her so she chased him down the street! The boy Joetta saw was not actually Kenny though.

How old is Joetta Watson in the book?

Joey. Joey, whose real name is Joetta, is the youngest child in the Watson family, at five years old. She cares deeply about her brothers, and is a stickler for following the rules. She is also very religious.

What grade is Byron Watson?

Byron Watson: Byron is thirteen years old, but is still in elementary school, due to his being held back at least one grade.

Who is LJ Jones?

L.J. Jones was Kenny’s only friend before Kenny distanced himself from the boy. Kenny was adamant that L.J. was stealing his toy dinosaurs.

Who saves Kenny from drowning?

Let’s keep digging. Later in the story, Kenny almost drowns while swimming in the lake at Grandma’s, but Byron saves his life.

What was Joetta wearing when she left?

What was Joetta wearing when she left for Sunday school? Joetta left for Sunday school wearing a white fluffy skirt, a regular blouse, white gloves, lacy white hat and socks, and shiny black shoes.

Why does joetta think Kenny changed his clothes?

She thinks that Kenny is trying to mess with her mind. She believes that she saw him across the street just a moment ago but that he was wearing different clothes. So she is sure that he has somehow managed to sneak in and change clothes just to spook her.

How would you describe joetta?

Sensitive, Softhearted and Compassionate Joetta is the heart of the story, and Curtis uses her character to explore loss of innocence during this sometimes-violent and racially divided time period. Joey is kind, gentle and loving; she wants everyone to get along and cares deeply for her family.

Is Byron a bully?

Byron’s reaction here reveals that he’s not just a bully; he’s not all bad. He’s genuinely sorry to have killed a helpless creature, and to show it, he gives the bird a little funeral.