What can go wrong with neck surgery?

Some risks related to neck surgery can include: bleeding or hematoma at the surgical site. infection of the surgical site. injury to the nerves or spinal cord.

Can cervical fusion cause nerve damage?

Although relatively rare, post-operative nerve injuries may occur after cervical spine procedures. The most common post-operative neural disorder is C5 nerve palsy.

What happens after c5 c6 surgery?

After surgery, you can expect your neck to feel stiff and sore. This should improve in the weeks after surgery. You may have trouble sitting or standing in one position for very long and may need pain medicine in the weeks after your surgery. You may need to wear a neck brace for a while.

What is a C5 C6 fusion surgery?

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion. Most cervical fusions are performed between the C5-C6 levels or C6-C7 levels. Fusion surgeries are most effective when they involve only one vertebral segment. Since two vertebral segments need to be fused to stop the motion, a C5-C6 fusion would be a one level fusion.

What are the possible complications of an anterior cervical fusion?

Anterior cervical fusions can result in continued pain if the fusion does not fuse completely, requiring surgery to re-fuse the segment. Other complications include: After fusion surgery, it can take three to six months (and sometimes up to 18 months) for the fusion to successfully set up.

What is the prognosis of multilevel C3-C6 cervical fusion?

A 34-year-old man, a 56-year-old man, and a 70-year-old man, all who had surgery for cervical spondylosis by multilevel C3-C6 cervical interbody fusion some six to eleven years earlier. After an initial improvement for few years, the patients observed relatively rapid clinical deterioration.

Is C1-C2 cervical fusion surgery helping or hurting this 15-year-old?

After two fusion surgeries, this 15-year-old patient’s only natural moving cervical segment is at C1-C2. This unfortunately is a classic case of fusion surgery causing more problems than it helped. Listen to this person’s problem. How can we help something like this?