What are flow bindings good for?

Flow bindings came along to improve ease of use and may be marginally quicker to put on. Many riders seem to find that traditional bindings provide more control, are easier to adjust, and are actually just as easy to put on a lot of the time.

Can you wear any boots with Flow bindings?

Flow bindings come in different sizes, bring your boots with you when you purchase your bindings and you will get the proper fit, as well there is a size range on the box of the bindings. Unless you are using older boots ’95ish and earlier you should be able to get into the properly sized binding with any boot.

Are bindings Universal with snowboards?

Bindings often come with multiple base plates, making them compatible with most snowboards. Most boards feature bolt mounting patterns that are 2×4 or 4×4. Some Burton boards have a diamond-shaped, “3D” bolt pattern found only on its boards.

Are flow bindings comfortable?

The baseplates here are well-cushioned and aren’t too stiff. That can be good for people looking for comfort but at the same time, they don’t provide a lot of power transfer from the bindings to the board. Shop Now On Amazon! I’ve found that with most Flow Bindings models, the straps aren’t the strongest point of any given model.

Are flow Alpha bindings any good?

My Verdict: If you are tired of spending precious time at the top of the hill strapping in your traditional bindings, then these rear-entry Flow Alpha bindings are just the thing for you. They have a reliable and convenient strapping mechanism with the highback falling back.

When did the flow snowboard bindings come out?

In 1995 the first Flow snowboard bindings made their debut to its international distributors at Whistler, BC and then in the following year, 1996, Flow made its commercial debut to retailers at the ISPO show in Munich, Germany.