What are discretionary ligatures?

A discretionary ligature is more decorative in nature than a standard ligature and should be used at your discretion, as the name indicates. Some discretionary ligatures combine frequently occurring letter pairs (like “Th”) into a single graceful design.

What are font-variant-ligatures?

The font-variant-ligatures CSS property controls which ligatures and contextual forms are used in textual content of the elements it applies to. This leads to more harmonized forms in the resulting text.

Can I use font-variant-ligatures?

Whenever possible, font-variant shorthand property or an associated longhand property, font-variant-ligatures, font-variant-caps, font-variant-east-asian, font-variant-alternates, font-variant-numeric or font-variant-position should be used.

How do I enable discretionary ligatures in InDesign?

Open Adobe InDesign and create a new document. Head over to Window > Type > Glyphs to open the Glyphs panel. To activate or deactivate ligatures, open the Character panel by going to Window > Type > Character. Click on the top right corner menu and select Ligatures to activate or deactivate them.

How do I enable ligatures?

If in Windows… In Word 2010 or newer for Windows, press Control-D to open the Font dialog box, and select the Advanced tab. Check the option to “Use Contextual Alternates,” then set Ligatures to “All,” and click OK.

How do font ligatures work?

Typographic ligatures are when multiple characters appear to combine into a single character. Simplistically, when you type two or more characters and they magically attach to each other, you’re using ligatures that were supported by your OS, your app, and your font.

What is text rendering in CSS?

The text-rendering property in CSS allows you to choose quality of text over speed (or vice versa) allowing you to fine tune optimization by suggesting to the browser as to how it should render text on the screen. It provides information to the rendering engine about what to optimize for when rendering text.

What are ligatures in a document?

In writing, including fiction writing and typography, a ligature is two or more graphemes that are joined to make a single glyph. In other words, a ligature is a single character that is created by joining multiple characters.

How do I enable Ligatures?

How do I enable Ligatures in InDesign?

What are ligatures and how to use them in CSS?

Enabling the ligatures will join these two letters together making them easier for reading. The CSS enables common ligatures, by default. But you can manually enable or disable them like this: Discretionary ligatures, also called decorative ligatures, are more used as decoration. In fact, they are not designed for reading them.

Discretionary ligatures, also called decorative ligatures, are more used as decoration. In fact, they are not designed for reading them. These ligatures are disabled by CSS, by default, and are extra optional.

What is the font-variant-ligatures property used for?

The font-variant-ligatures property is used for controlling ligatures on a font. In typography, a ligature is a special character that binds two or more characters into one.

What are the ligatures and forms Activated in OpenType?

The ligatures and forms activated depend on the font, language and kind of script. This is the default value. This keyword specifies that all ligatures and contextual forms are disabled, even common ones. These values control the most common ligatures, like for fi, ffi, th or similar. They correspond to the OpenType values liga and clig.