Were Endora and Maurice married?

For Darrin’s “daydream son”, see Little Maurice….

Biographical Information
Spouse Endora (separated)
Children Samantha Stephens (daughter)

How old is Maurice Evans?

87 years (1901–1989)
Maurice Evans/Age at death

Where is Maurice Evans buried?

Zaius in the sci-fi classics “Planet of the Apes” (1968) and “Beneath The Planet of The Apes” (1970)….Maurice Herbert Evans.

Birth 3 Jun 1901 Dorchester, West Dorset District, Dorset, England
Death 12 Mar 1989 (aged 87) Rottingdean, Brighton and Hove Unitary Authority, East Sussex, England
Burial Unknown
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Who is Samantha Stevens father?

Maurice Maurice
Maurice. Maurice (Maurice Evans) is Samantha’s father, an urbane thespian, and the only warlock in the House of Lords.

Who played the puzzler?

Maurice EvansBatman
The Puzzler/Played by

The Puzzler was a villain and enemy of Batman in the 1960s television series, Batman. He was portrayed by Maurice Evans.

Who is Samantha’s father on Bewitched?

Maurice Herbert Evans
Maurice Herbert Evans (3 June 1901 – 12 March 1989) was an English actor, noted for his interpretations of Shakespearean characters. His best-known screen roles are Dr. Zaius in the 1968 film Planet of the Apes and Samantha Stephens’ father, Maurice, on Bewitched.

Who is Tony Evans father?

Arthur Evans
Tony Evans/Fathers

Is Esmeralda related to Samantha Bewitched?

Esmeralda often takes care of Tabitha and Adam, especially when Samantha and Darrin go to Salem in 1970 and Europe in 1971. Darrin’s mother, Phyllis, thinks she is a wonderful maid….

Biographical Information
Character Information
Portrayer Alice Ghostley
First Episode Samantha’s Yoo-Hoo Maid

Who was the mother on Bewitched?

Samantha’s mom on Bewitched was played by Agnes Morehead (1964-1972). Her character name was Endora.

Who played Samantha in Bewitched?

Samantha from the televison series Bewitched was played by the actress Elizabeth Montgomery. She played Darrin Stevens wife who was also a witch.

What are the names of the characters in Bewitched?

The following are all characters within the Bewitched series. Gladys Kravitz. Aunt Clara. Samantha Stephens. Serena. Endora. Darrin Stephens. Tabitha Stephens.