Top 5 Android TV apps in 2019

A good number of people of all ages are found addicted to serials, soaps and reality shows, etc. that are shown on TV. Such people simply cannot imagine life without watching the TV at least for half an hour a day. However, those having a tight work schedule and require being out of the home are likely to miss out on the action on TV. But the advent of the smartphone and iPhone device has completely changed this aspect. Now, people can watch their favourite shows by downloading an app onto their device and use it without any hassle or effort and derive maximum entertainment.

Best Android TV apps

  • Archos Video Player: This functional and amazing video player app is available for free or a small fee. It does boast of having additional TV related features like DTS pass through and AC3, etc. It also provides external support and has plenty of codecs. It is good for Android TVs.
  • Amazon Prime Video: It is available for free and also for an affordable monthly or yearly fee. When streaming services are concerned, Amazon can be termed to be fairly ornery. Selection is quite decent and paying admission price helps unlock several prime benefits. Service does include wide range of specialized channels having additional content.
  • Hulu: It is available for free and a premium monthly version. This app is gaining in prominence slowly for Android TV apps and boasts of having decent video streaming. Tons are shows are present to watch including Live TV for small monthly fee. Choosing Live TV option does include all in-house streaming content of Hulu, thus making it a wonderful choice for cable cutters. Also can be added Showtime, HBO, extra cloud storage space and Cinemax at extra charge.
  • Google Play Music: This app is available for a small monthly fee as well as there is a free version. It offers users with fabulous music streaming experience and also is much better than mobile device version. It allows 50,000+ own song upload to cloud, which can be accessed from anywhere. It becomes much easier to listen to music that is stored locally on the TV. There is no charge to select radio stations or upload music. The monthly charge is to be paid for on-demand music, various features and no advertisements on YouTube.
  • Netflix: New users are offered with free trial period to experience this app. On completion of trial period, the user has to pay some small monthly fee for using it. It does boast of having huge collection, cheapest among the lot and also binge friendly. Android TV version more or less feels and appears like PlayStation and Xbox versions. It supports HDR 10, Dolby Vision and 4K video if the TV supports such features.

Therefore, the above are few of the top TV apps designed for Android and are quite popular among users across the globe. These apps available on 9apps download have only made people to get easy access to superior quality entertainment and watch it whenever desired and without having to spend a fortune.