Is there a drug to lower cholesterol that is not a statin?

There are many non-statin medications your doctor might prescribe: Bile acid-binding resins, like cholestyramine (Locholest, Prevalite, Questran), colesevelam (WelChol), and colestipol (Colestid) stick to cholesterol-rich bile acids in your intestines and lower your LDL levels.

Which single class drug is known to be most effective in reducing the major types of dyslipidemia?

Statins — Statins are one of the best-studied classes of medications and the most commonly used drugs for lowering LDL cholesterol. They are the most effective drugs for prevention of coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and death.

What is the best natural alternative to statins?

7 cholesterol-lowering alternatives to statins

  1. Fibrates. Mostly used for lowering triglyceride levels in patients whose levels are very high and could cause pancreatitis.
  2. Plant stanols and sterols.
  3. Cholestyramine and other bile acid-binding resins.
  4. Niacin.
  5. Policosanol.
  6. Red yeast rice extract (RYRE)
  7. Natural products.

Which is safer atorvastatin or rosuvastatin?

Atorvastatin was the safest statin as it resulted in the least number of patients at the end of 2 years of treatment with the new onset of microalbuminuria (10.9%) followed by rosuvastatin (14.3%) and then pravastatin (26.6%).

Is Lipitor safer than Crestor?

Is Crestor safer than Lipitor? Crestor and Lipitor are both well tolerated. Any drug has side effects, with some rare but serious potential side effects, too. Studies (see above section) have shown that both medicines were tolerated well in trials.

Which statin lowers LDL the most?

Our data indicate that atorvastatin was the most effective statin tested in lowering cholesterol in LDL, non-HDL, and RLP in the fasting and fed states, and getting patients with CHD to established goals, with fluvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin, and simvastatin having about 33%, 50%, 60%, and 85% of the efficacy of …