Is the EcoXGear speaker worth it?

5.0 out of 5 starsHighly Recommend! Premium Product! This is an excellent quality Bluetooth speaker. The audio quality/volume levels are excellent and leave nothing to be desired, which I have found to be my primary problems with a number of other Bluetooth speakers I had purchased in the past.

Is the eco X gear waterproof?

Founded in San Diego, CA in 2010, ECOXGEAR is an innovative audio, power, solar and lighting company specializing in rugged, waterproof, and fully submersible solutions. The EcoBoulder+ by ECOXGEAR offers massive sound and great features for any indoor or outdoor event.

What is Eco cast on Ecoxgear?

EcoCast allows up to 100 soundbars to be connected together or connect to any ECOXGEAR speaker with the EcoCast feature. Rear Facing LED light bar can be turned on separately from the speaker LED’s. LED light bar has 2 modes steady light on or off.

How do I pair my Ecoxgear Bluetooth speaker?

  1. Find & enable. Bluetooth on your. Smartphone/ Smartdevice.
  2. PRESS button. once on ECOROX to. initiate Bluetooth. BLUE LED will blink. rapidly indicating ready. to pair.
  3. Find. “ECOXGEAR” on your. Smartphone as a pairing. selection & select. “ECOXGEAR” to pair. with ECOROX.
  4. Select & play. your music! PRESS button to.

What is Eco cast access?

What is Eco Cast? Eco Cast is a “virtual pre-read system” provided by Breakdown Services. With it, Casting Directors can send invitations to Talent Representatives or Actors directly to record an audition themselves, expanding the range of people Casting Directors can see for each role.

What is eco connect?

An online platform that seamlessly connects farmers and markets, ensuring quality & reliability.

Can you pair 2 Ecoxgear speakers together?

When using 2 speakers with ECOCONNECT, here is what we’ve found to be most successful. Turn the 2nd speaker on (whether Ecoboulder or EcoSlate) and press the ECOCONNECT (double diamond) button until you hear the beep, you will hear “connection successful”. …

How do you submit auditions on eco cast?

How to Respond to an Eco Cast Invite

  1. Open your Eco Cast invite.
  2. Record your audition.
  3. Upload your files.
  4. Click the “Browse” button to select the first audition file.
  5. Review your uploaded files.
  6. Deadline.