Is Specialized Roubaix good for climbing?

For riders looking for an endurance specialist that does a great job of killing road shocks then the Specialized Roubaix Comp fits the bill incredibly well. Just don’t expect it to light up the roads with a blistering turn of speed or an anti-gravity level of climbing prowess.

How much does a Specialized Roubaix sport weight?

19 lbs 1 oz

Year 2020
Model Roubaix Sport Disc
Size 54 CM
Frame Material Carbon Fiber
Weight 19 lbs 1 oz

What size tires can I put on my Specialized Roubaix?

The Roubaix is able to fit up to 33mm tires. It will come stock from the factory with 28mm tires.

Is Specialized Roubaix carbon?

Hitting a sweet spot between performance and value, the Roubaix Sport was designed to thrive on long rides through rough country. The light weight frame has been constructed from our FACT 9r carbon fiber.

Is the Roubaix a road bike?

As Specialized implemented the latest technological advancements, it always stayed true to the Roubaix’s roots — to be an endurance road bike light enough to race, yet rugged and comfortable enough to excel on the roughest roads.

Can you ride 28mm Tyres on gravel?

You can use them and I have rode 60 miles on a crushed limestone rail trail on 28mm tires. By the end of my ride my body was hurting from all the vibration, I did not think they were okay. I have the 28mm Gravelking and it’s a good tire for pavement, including rough and poorly maintained paved roads.

Is the new Specialized Roubaix SL2 better than last year’s SL2?

Even better, the ’09 Roubaix SL2 is also 40g lighter than last year’s version. In the end, the new Roubaix SL2 provides much of the drivetrain and torsional stiffness of the dedicated race machine but Specialized claims it still has the same vertical compliance that has made the Roubaix popular with mile-eating riders.

What are the new specialized pro road shoes?

Like a car modded for speed, Specialized’s Pro Road shoes have been lightened and lowered for 2009. The new carbon sole is thinner and stiffer than before (and supposedly even stiffer than the top-end S-Works model) and the new M-Lock SL buckle is now lighter and smaller.

When did the Specialized pro road go tubeless?

More tubeless tyres will appear over the following months and compatible wheels from Roval, Specialized’s wheel marque, will appear in mid-2009. Like a car modded for speed, Specialized’s Pro Road shoes have been lightened and lowered for 2009.

What is special specialized’s tarmac SL2?

Specialized’s top-of-the-line Tarmac SL2 remains largely unchanged from 2008, though a version will be available with a new team-specific geometry with a shorter head tube for a more aggressive position similar to the frames the company provided for some of its sponsored riders this year.