Is SlugTerra coming back in 2020?

Slugisodes. From 2012 to 2016, 80 Slugisodes were aired with new 20 coming in 2020. “The new animated action-comedy ‘Slugisodes’ (20 x 5′) is currently in development with WildBrain. The 2D animated shorts are targeted to launch in 2020, including on YouTube, managed by DHX’s WildBrain.

Is Will Shane alive?

Will returns as the Goon’s new host in Return of the Elementals, but is freed by Eli. However, he sacrifices himself for Eli and the Elementals by pushing himself, Dr. Blakk and the The Goon into a portal (presumably) that leads to the Deep Caverns.

Is SlugTerra Cancelled?

I can’t believe my eyes but i have got word that DHX Media/Nerd Corps Entertainment has announced the press that the hit show SlugTerra has been cancelled.

Is Slugterra real?

About SlugTerra SlugTerra (“Slug” – “Earth”) is a massive underground world located beneath The Surface and above The Deep Caverns, and is the native home of the Slugs.

Is Shane coming back?

How old is Junjie from Slugterra?

Junjie is technically (at least) 35 years old. Assuming that he was 15 when he became the Easteren Champion, and then he spent 20 years as the Dark Slinger.

What is Slugisodes?

Slugisodes are short clips that can be found online on or youtube and on TV. Most usually consist of informational and instructional videos and narrated by the Shane Gang, while the rest consist of slugs on their downtime.

Is SlugTerra a real place?

SlugTerra is a massive underground world inhabited by Slugs and many other mysterious creatures, and is the main setting for the series….Gallery.

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What episode does Burpy Megamorph?

Infurnus Megamorph Protoform In the episode “Upgrade” Burpy had reached 200 mph, unlocking his Megamorph. Once he morphed he gained white markings, replacing his head symbol temporarily.

Who is the main antagonist in Slugterra?

Dr. Thaddius Blakk is the main antagonist of Slugterra, and the owner of Blakk Industries . The owner of the powerful Blakk Industries, Dr. Blakk’ s business dealings have made him a rich and powerful man.

What happened to Blakk and Eli in Slugterra?

Blakk tries to flee but the Shadow Clan Leader and Eli stop him. He pushes Eli into the portal but Eli sends Burpy who sent Blakk in the portal. He tries to take Eli in his fall but Joules, Banger, Chiller and Spinner dispose of Blakk and Burpy saves them all, before the portal closes by the Shadow Clan Leader. Slugterra: Return of the Elementals

What is the slugterran Express?

Blakk took a broken-down train system and turned it into the SlugTerran Express, a system of high-tech, high-speed trains that connect all but the most remote caverns. Despite his success and wealth, Blakk remained unsatisfied.

What is Harry’s true purpose in Slugterra?

Ultimately, his business is hiding his true purpose: to control all of Slugterra and destroy the magical slug energy that protects this underground world.