Is Ronan a bad guy?

Ronan the Accuser is a villain-turned-anti-hero from Marvel Comics and the on and off antagonist of the Guardians of the Galaxy team as well as an enemy of various superheroes in the Marvel universe, including the Fantastic Four. He is the leader of the accuser corps, the elite military police of the Kree Empire.

Who is Peter Quill’s dad?

J’son first appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy episode “Don’t Stop Believing”, voiced by Jonathan Frakes. He is the Emperor of Spartax and the father of Peter Quill by Meredith Quill as well as being the father of Captain Victoria. In addition, he is a secret ally of Thanos.

Who is Ronan in Harry Potter?

Ronan is a centaur, that lives in the Forbidden Forest, and is distrustful of humans, although he tried to protect Harry Potter and Hermione Granger from the other centaurs in 1996, pointing out that they were “foals”.

What does Ronan mean in Irish?

little seal
Rónán (anglicized Ronan) is an Irish language male given name meaning “little seal” (Rón meaning the animal “seal”, and -án being a diminutive suffix) and was the given name of twelve saints throughout history, including St Ronan of Locronan (a monk who settled in armorican Brittany), St Ronan of Iveagh, St Ronan of …

Why did Hawkeye become Ronin?

Ronin in the MCU – spoilers ahead for Hawkeye episodes 1 – 3 As in comic books, Clint’s grief and trauma led him to leave behind his Hawkeye identity to become Ronin, though in the MCU this is due to the loss of his family as a result of Thanos’ Snap.

How did Ronan survive the Infinity Stone?

There was a scene were Ronan retrieved the stone and consumes its power and hammered the stone to the thing he was holding. So as you can see he is powerful enough to withstand it unlike here where 4 of the guardians were required to do so.

What race is Yondu?

marsupial alien
Powers and abilities As a member of the marsupial alien race of the planet Centauri IV, Yondu possesses an intuitive mystical “sixth sense” perception that permits him limited empathic relationships with other lifeforms.