Is Konica Minolta a good brand?

Like many other leading printer brands, Konica Minolta has received accolades and awards for its products and services. Over the years, the company has won numerous awards for its bizhub® copier and printer lines. It was also recently awarded a prestigious Customer Loyalty Award for the twelfth year in a row.

How much does bizhub cost?

The current RRP (recommended retail price) for the Konica Minolta bizhub 165 starts from £1,149. UK suppliers Copylink Digital and Arc Office Systems both currently offer the system for costs from £386 (including VAT) with leasing options available from just £4.69 per week plus VAT.

Is Konica and Minolta the same?

Company history Konica Minolta was formed by a merger between Japanese imaging firms Konica and Minolta, announced on 7 January 2003 with the corporate structure completing the re-organization in October 2003.

Who makes bizhub copiers?

Konica Copiers
Konica Copiers: bizhub 308 This model from the line of Konica Copiers moves information fast with multiple “scan and send” and high-speed fax options. Center-office styling complemented by an 8.5″ color touch-screen makes this laser multifunction printer as attractive as it is easy-to-use.

How do I connect my Konica Minolta printer to Windows 7?

Configure Your Computer

  1. Click Start then Devices and Printer (Windows 7) or Start then type Control Panel and then Devices and Printers (Windows 10)
  2. Right-click the appropriate printer and choose Printer Properties.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Printing Defaults…

Who bought out Minolta?


Minolta’s fourth and final logo, designed by Saul Bass in 1981
Industry Manufacturing
Defunct August 5, 2003
Fate Merged with Konica
Successor Konica Minolta

How do I find my bizhub IP address?

Using the bizhub Control Panel –

  1. Menu Button –
  2. Utility Button − Device Information, where you will see the IPv4 IP network address.
  3. Administrator Settings − enter the administrator password then click OK −
  4. Network Settings −
  5. Using a windows PC through the Print Driver −

Who owns Minolta now?

Elite Brands
It appears that the Minolta name is now owned by Elite Brands, whose website displays all of the new models. In actuality, 2 of the new cameras are the same — they’re just different color versions.